15 Psychology Secrets Most People Don't Know!

In this video, we cover psychology secrets that most people don’t know! These psychological tricks and facts cover everything from biases to the pygmalion effect.

This video is for educational and entertainment purposes only.


Decision Cascades in Social Networks

Learning from the Behavior of Others

Does Automation Bias Decision-Making?

Effects of Automation Bias on Decision Making and Performance

Rapid Responding Increases Belief Bias

Ironic Processes in Eating Behaviors

Ironic Processes in the Mental Control of Mood

Stanford Encyclopedia: The Paradox of Suspense

Distinction Bias: Misprediction and Mischoice

Memories for Time: How people date events

The Peak-End Rule: How Impressions Become Memories

Google Effects on Memory

Recent Advances in False Memory Research

Deconstructing the Better-Than Average Effect

Why Familiar Routes Fly By

Pygmalion Effect in Sports

Neural Mechanisms Involved in Pareidolia

Dysrationalia Among University Students

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Thanks to Tristan Reed (writing), Troy W. Hudson (VO) for helping to create this video!

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    Great video. So informative

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    Awesome Loves your vids ❤️

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    Guess this video is about other people.

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    You sound like the late Casey Kasem.

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    Who else barely understood it

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    Live it:)

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    Ok… So this video is going on my Channel's "Top Creator Video List for 2019" Thank you Top Think!

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    Damn there's label for everything now a days.

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    This is not right

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    12- dysrationalia- Not just pyramid schemes or cons but also by people in higher job positions like a boss or manager or just being older. Great example, in fine finish construction jobs homeowners always believed the older man when in reality he knew more how to talk and persuade his way easily because people automatically assume and correlate age with good craftsmanship experience while the younger man works harder and more precise and professional but yet still criticized for a small scratch or something. Also, I have seen project managers who just winged it talking with customers while they knew nothing about trade skills and guess who picked up the slack and made up lies to cover their mistakes- me, the young looking fit man but little they knew of my 10 years of dedicated perfection. Now it all makes sense, thanks for the video clarifying it all up. Now I can reference the phenomenon lol!

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    What happened with "Hello, I am Peter from Top Think"?

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    yeah but so what to do with the distinction effect? I feel it happens too often 😀

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    Add subtitle

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    Legit are these explanations helpful information to be applied. Strongly appreciated heavily subscribing to this wonderful stream. Amazing how much knowledge is available allowing audience members better off alone with at least ideas yielding logical support systems for other implications.

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    Interesting tricks…
    But please stop clicking on my name and listen to my covers.
    Don't click it.

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    added on 12 Aug, 2019

    I noticed the “Familiar Road Bias” on trips as well as recorded programming. The second time I watch a show, it seems to be sped up since the first time I watched it.

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    added on 21 Aug, 2019

    I don’t think I have any of those :/ except for the jumping at horror movies I already saw.

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    #16 a picture with two people looking attracted to each other is the best click bait cause it implies you're gonna give the secret of how to attract your crush

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    Why do you sound like the guy from The Bright Side?

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    added on 23 Sep, 2019

    If I’m driving in an unfamiliar area, it always seems to go by faster than if I’m driving in an area that I know well; time goes by slower when I’m driving the same route. When I’m in an unfamiliar area, as long as I’m not lost, it’s exciting. Therefore, time goes by rather quickly. Even if I am lost, time still goes faster.

    Do most people feel the opposite?

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    Number 8 is Donald Trump 100%!

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    Thanks a lot TopThink.

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    False memory=NPD

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    paradox of suspense = hypnosis which psychology hardly ever acknowledges 🙄

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    6 Flags

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    added on 25 Nov, 2019

    Its not "familiar road bias" (7:18) its called the "Well traveled road effect"

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    added on 22 Jan, 2020

    "Mandella Effect" is Denial of #8: False Memory

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    added on 1 Mar, 2020

    Crap info

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    added on 5 May, 2020

    When something better comes along, I don't see all other options as negative. I see them as less positive than the better one. There is a difference. It's like saying that if I can pick a chocolate cake instead, then a cookie seems bad. Cookie's still great, it's just that the cake's amazing.

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    Hoping people might pay attention to 12. When the power goes out, how dumb will you be?

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