30 Psychology Tricks That Work On EVERYONE!

Psychological tricks that work on anybody! These amazing mind games and psychology tricks will help you fool your friends into thinking you have superpowers

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30. Be taken more seriously- If you want people to take your words more seriously, Every time you tell someone something, say that your father taught you it because people tend to believe the advice of parents more than a younger person.

29. Rock Paper Scissors Champion- If you want to become a champion at rock, paper, scissors, right before playing the game, ask your opponent a random question. Almost always the other person will be confused and will throw out scissors without much thought. This distracts them from their original thought on which move they were going to throw out, and they panic in distraction and just throw out scissors.

28. The broccoli trick- If you want your kids to eat broccoli try asking them if they want five or two stalks of broccoli instead of asking them if they want broccoli. This way you’ve made up your mind and shows them that they are having broccoli for lunch, but instead, they feel like they have made their own decision. This same old trick can also work in other situations as well.

27. Annoying song stuck in your head- If a song is stuck in your head and you want to forget it, try thinking of the end of the song. Our brain tends to remember the things we’ve left unfinished. So think of the end of that annoying song, and you’ll be able to get it out of your head! This is your mind having a problem with leaving things unfinished.

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    added on 2 Jul, 2020

    my 6 year old just said i dont want any broccoli!

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    added on 3 Jul, 2020

    Eye contact is very cultural. In some cultures, it's considered a challenge or a threat. In the U.S., we often see it as assertiveness and honesty but not every culture sees it that way.

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    added on 4 Jul, 2020

    How to get song out of your head, think of the end.
    The song:

    "Everybody die, burn in hell yeahhhhhhhh"
    Oh few now I remem-wait

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    added on 6 Jul, 2020

    Bitch, please. Why would you want to make someone feel insecure? Stopped watching after that. Besides, your voice is very annoying.

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    added on 18 Jul, 2020

    Umm every girl takes out scissors

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    added on 20 Jul, 2020

    So, then the only purpose of #12 is to make someone puke then?? Damn dude…..Wtf? Lol

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    added on 20 Jul, 2020

    The end of 11 so toxic🤣🤣

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    added on 20 Jul, 2020

    Your father WHAT!?

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    added on 23 Jul, 2020

    Why did I think the rock was a big piece of poop at first

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    added on 25 Jul, 2020

    When she said One direction I felt it fkdkwi

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    added on 26 Jul, 2020

    How to make someone feel insecure, how to lie to someone. The best one, my father told me. Have you no shame?

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    added on 28 Jul, 2020

    I like the laughing trick thing.
    now I know he likes me

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    added on 31 Jul, 2020

    04:58 I lost the game

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    added on 5 Aug, 2020

    "So, do you want one, or two penises in you?"
    – Picking up random women on the streets and making em feel like the made a choice =D

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    added on 14 Aug, 2020

    5:44 why would we even do that?!?

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    added on 16 Aug, 2020

    A few good ones

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    added on 16 Aug, 2020


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    added on 26 Aug, 2020


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    added on 31 Aug, 2020

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    added on 31 Aug, 2020

    IDIOTICE 4 A $

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    added on 9 Sep, 2020

    When you want someone to enjoy listening to you …DONT PLAY BLOODY AWFUL MUSIC AT THE SAME TIME !

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    added on 10 Sep, 2020

    me having flashbacks after she normally used "one direction" in her sentence

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    added on 12 Sep, 2020

    How interesting.. 109% agree

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    added on 12 Sep, 2020

    Pull my finger. It works on Trump followers. They'll believe anything.

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    added on 16 Sep, 2020

    Then there's my school that doesn't allows to chew gum

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    added on 19 Sep, 2020

    please check it out amazing pychological facts 2020

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    added on 19 Sep, 2020

    The thing that i only take off my shades when iam about to sleep .even demons of witch craft didnt hypnotize me to get me influenced /controlled 😂😂

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    added on 20 Sep, 2020

    0:25 that does not look like a rock 😅💩

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