A Big Thank You from Weightless

You might’ve already heard that Healthline—which recently acquired Psych Central—will no longer be publishing blogs on the site. Since this will be my last post, I wanted to share how grateful I am to have written this blog for almost 11 years! (I published my first post in November 2009.)

I’m incredibly grateful to John Grohol, the founder of Psych Central, for giving me a platform and the creative freedom and complete control to write about whatever is on my heart. When I pitched this blog to John, I’d been a writer for a few years (no books, no viral articles). But he thought my message was important, and he generously gave me a chance.

I’m also incredibly grateful to my readers. Your lives are full and yet you’ve taken the time to come here and read my words. I don’t know if anyone has stuck around since the beginning but if you have, wow, I so appreciate it!

I’m grateful to the women who’ve shared their powerful stories of eating disorder recovery and the experts who’ve shared their life-changing insights on everything from intuitive eating to body positivity to Health At Every Size. These insights have deeply shaped the way I see and treat myself.

My goal with Weightless has always been to show that we can care for ourselves at any weight, shape, and size, that you can pursue your dreams, and do whatever it is that is important to you, regardless of the number on the scale or the tag inside your jeans.

And you don’t have to earn anyone’s love and appreciation, including your own, by losing weight and looking a certain way. You deserve compassion, care, and respect right now, without changing a single thing about your appearance.

My goal has been to help you feel good in your own skin, to feel comfortable and empowered, especially in a world that shouts the dangers of higher weights (not true), prescribes weight loss as a panacea, and idolizes unrealistic beauty standards. To realize that you can shift your thinking and your behavior, even after many, many years of not appreciating yourself.

I’ve wanted you to know that there’s no shame in struggling with whatever you’re struggling with—anxiety, depression, disordered eating—and there is always help and always hope. There is no shame in seeing a therapist or taking medication.

I’ve often written the words I needed to hear, talking to myself as I’ve talked to you. I’m profoundly grateful to have had a space that allowed me to explore my own emotions and struggles. I started writing this blog a few months after my father passed away, and having a meaningful project to focus on was tremendously helpful.

I hope Weightless has been helpful to you in some way. I hope it’s helped you to feel a little less alone and a bit more empowered. If you’d like to follow my writing, here’s my website:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you the very, very best.

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