Applying to the Clinical Psychology Doctorate – Answering assumptions

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Applying to the Clinical Psychology Doctorate (DClinPsy) – Answering your questions and assumptions!

Hello!! I’m a (very very nearly) second year trainee clinical psychologist and today I am responding to assumptions about applying to the Clinical Psychology Doctorate (DClinPsy).

After completing my degree in psychology I knew that I wanted to pursue Clinical Psychology, but I had noooo idea what was needed. Now having gone through the dclinpsy application and started training – I finally feel like I have a clearer idea of what it’s all about, so hopefully this video will help to dispel some common myths and assumptions!

I address questions around NHS experience, being a mature applicant, needing publications and discrimination within the application process (among others). Here are the timestamps so you can orient yourself to the section you’re after if you ceebs to listen to the whole thing:

0:00 Introduction – truth or “baloney”
0:30 You need a masters to get on
1:57 You need NHS experience
3:49 The process discriminates against minority groups
7:21 You need 3+ years experience to get on
9:35 It’s a young person’s game (mature applicants)
11:49 You need publications to get on
13:04 You need lots of research/RA experience
14:39 Closing comments and outtakes (lol)

In this video I touched on the subject of discrimination in applying to the doctorate. This subject is incredibly important and VAST, and merits much more time than what I was able to give. For those of you wanting to read more about the subject, here are some resources that I found really useful:

The Clinical Psychology Workforce Report (2015)

Experiences of Black Asian and Minority Ethnic Clinical Psychology Doctorate Applicants within the UK (Ragaven, 2018)

Clinical Psychology and Diversity (Turpin & Coleman, 2010)

Clearing House Data (thanks to Jason White, for sharing)

I also referenced the groups that are out there for people who identify as being from a minority group. Here are some links (though this is not at all exhaustive):

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    added on 22 Sep, 2020

    ALSO – one of my future segments will be answering questions about my first year. I wanted to open this up beyond the webinar so DO COMMENT BELOW if you have any burning (juicy) qs!!

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    added on 22 Sep, 2020

    Your videos are so engaging and certainly make the application process feel more human! Gosh this process is a beast! I hope you enjoyed whatever Amazon delivered to you 😂 x

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    added on 22 Sep, 2020

    What a lovely myth buster, thank you so much and I'm glad I found your channel This is my first year of applying and I'm trying to channel and maintain a lighthearted, "don't really care, see how it goes" energy, but nobody around me is convinced. Choosing courses is hard, its hard to read between the lines to work out which ones I'd be low-key ineligible for- I did the practice GMA test and flopped so those ones are ruled out for me!

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    added on 23 Sep, 2020

    Haha the bloopers! Private sec—- whaa?

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