ASMR: Loneliness & Isolation: Sleep Hypnosis *REAL HYPNOTHERAPIST/PSYCHOLOGIST* Whispered

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I have created this sleep hypnosis to soothe feelings of loneliness and isolation. Loneliness is an experience we have all had, but during these strange and difficult times it feels much easier to connect with. I am a fully qualified Dr of Clinical Psychology and I use hypnosis regularly to help by patients. If you find this video helpful please consider sharing it with your friends.


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I am the Lead Clinical Psychologist at The British CBT & Counselling Service and find that I am often the first person with whom my patients share significant and intimate thoughts and memories. I feel at ease being a therapist, I feel I can empathise with people’s distress and discomfort but don’t feel overwhelmed by it, I can understand their problem and know how to help, it has always just felt like what I should be doing.

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The British CBT & Counselling Service are Doctors of Clinical and Counselling Psychology specialising in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for adults and children. Featuring 12 Clinics in London, Great Missenden and Nottingham as well as offering counselling online via Skype, the BCBT provide a team of fully qualified therapists and psychologists that offer a range of psychological therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

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    added on 7 Apr, 2020

    🎙Is ASMR is underrated? In the last 5 weeks 8,000 people have taken part in a new research study to prove ASMR is & can boost the effectiveness of existing therapies for mental health.

    The survey takes 7-8 mins to complete & people have said it has made them think about ASMR & themselves differently. Here it is:

    If you have seen a message bout this before & are wondering if it's for real I want to reassure you, I am a fully qualified Dr of Psychology & research scientist. I am funding this project myself but for it to be successful I need at least 25,000 people to take part. This is the only way I can think of to raise awareness quickly. If you would like to help raise awareness or have other ideas how I could, please let me know. I will try to respond to all comments left here.

    Warmest wishes during this difficult time.
    Dr Emma Gray xx

  2. Avatar
    added on 28 Apr, 2020

    Saved to my ASMR playlist! Another great one 🙂 I took your survey, I'm hoping you'll make a video to tell us about the results!

  3. Avatar
    added on 29 Apr, 2020

    I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your videos! I have lived with chronic insomnia for almost a decade and ASMR has changed my life. I never tried any type of hypnosis until I recently found your channel and it has been absolutely phenomenal. Thank you so much for what you do, it's truly such important work. Xo

  4. Avatar
    added on 2 May, 2020

    I have adhd and in the last video I watched the lava lamp helped me relax and focus on something…..but in this video the lava lamp is there but it doesn’t move. I love this channel and it really helped with my mental problems a lot.🤗

  5. Avatar
    added on 4 May, 2020

    Is anyone else wondering if there is a bloopers reel? Like does a match really come out easily every time? Stay alight?

    Or is it just me?

  6. Avatar
    added on 25 May, 2020

    I like her accent

  7. Avatar
    added on 31 May, 2020

    Amsr i need is to relocate and transfer from sarn site Coliseum !.
    Heckling gaslighting and a very nasty nieghbour in numbers 81, 82 jubilee crescent southwales police how secure is my private property .

  8. Avatar
    added on 3 Jun, 2020

    got my stuffie, got a comfy blanket, and got this video to listen to. tonight is a good night😌

  9. Avatar
    added on 3 Jun, 2020

    also i love ur whisper videos i can sleep to them sooooo well ❤️🦋

  10. Avatar
    added on 5 Jun, 2020

    A whispered video for attachment issues would be very helpful for those of us with difficult upbringings. Thank you for your helpful content.

  11. Avatar
    added on 11 Jun, 2020

    Ok I was doing this late at night and without knowing what I did last night I checked and this video was the most recent that I watched. And I had fell asleep and the thing is I don’t remember watching the whole thing so this really worked thank you.

  12. Avatar
    added on 15 Jun, 2020

    Do you have anything or any advice for homesickness? I’ve been in the military/ away from home for 3 years and still get it. I thought it’d stop eventually. I’ve tried talking to people from back home and visiting but it makes it worse

  13. Avatar
    added on 15 Jun, 2020

    she reminds me of dave mustaine🤣

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    added on 16 Jun, 2020

    I love this

  15. Avatar
    added on 18 Jun, 2020


  16. Avatar
    added on 27 Jun, 2020

    Do have a session for smokers?

  17. Avatar
    added on 2 Jul, 2020

    Lovely as always!

  18. Avatar
    added on 3 Aug, 2020

    Thank you for this video, it's very helpful

  19. Avatar
    added on 5 Aug, 2020

    Please do a hypnosis for phobias 🙏🥺

  20. Avatar
    added on 29 Aug, 2020

    With being stuck at home during quarantine, I’m by myself in my apartment for most of the day and almost everyday. I feel isolated and lonely. I have no friends and would love to have some company. Anybody want to message me or comment so we can be friends?

  21. Avatar
    added on 10 Sep, 2020

    just a bit louder PLEASE

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