ASMR Sleep Hypnosis Soothe Anxiety Calm Panic *Real Dr of Psychology* Soft Spoken

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I have created this ASMR Sleep Hypnosis to calm panic and soothe anxiety. Anxiety is such a powerfully uncomfortable feeling the fear of experiencing it can become more of a problem than the experience itself. This sleep hypnosis will help you with what is often referred to as the ‘fear of fear’. I am a doctor of clinical psychology and the techniques that I use in this video are based on those proven to be effective.

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06:15 Formal hypnosis begins

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I am the Lead Clinical Psychologist at The British CBT & Counselling Service and find that I am often the first person with whom my patients share significant and intimate thoughts and memories. I feel at ease being a therapist, I feel I can empathise with people’s distress and discomfort but don’t feel overwhelmed by it, I can understand their problem and know how to help, it has always just felt like what I should be doing.
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The British CBT & Counselling Service are Doctors of Clinical and Counselling Psychology specialising in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for adults and children. Featuring 12 Clinics in London, Great Missenden and Nottingham as well as offering counselling online via Skype, the BCBT provide a team of fully qualified therapists and psychologists that offer a range of psychological therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

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    added on 12 May, 2020

    🌼Spirit Raiser Giveaway #7

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    added on 13 May, 2020

    Great video again , was it raining there at the time this video was shot? I imagined it was rain and it was relaxing.

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    added on 13 May, 2020

    ASMR U With Me. Shared with a friend, I prefer your soft spoken videos ☺️.

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    added on 13 May, 2020

    ASMR U With Me – I shared with my pal who still has some uni work to finish off! Thank you for your work!! X

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    added on 14 May, 2020

    I honestly cant tell you anything about this video. I have watched twice now and everytime It knocks me out cold. Best sleep

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    added on 14 May, 2020

    Hello your asmr always makes my sleep so deep …now try to make Hour glass meditation thanks

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    added on 16 May, 2020

    Your videos hypnotize me so much I can’t remember a thing about it when I wake up. It really is amazing, sleep is too! Thank you so much 🥰🥰

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    added on 16 May, 2020

    Your videos deserves much more views and likes

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    added on 17 May, 2020

    Very soothing and relaxing. My favourite sleep induction is the pocket watch 😴😴

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    added on 17 May, 2020

    Why sleep if you can make money? HAHA🤑

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    added on 17 May, 2020

    That voice. It's soooo soothing.

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    added on 18 May, 2020

    Hello i often come and watch your videos especially recently. I struggle with health anxiety which is heightened in current times. Do you have any specific videos for this or recommendations? X

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    This is awesome video, thank you💚
    Could you please make hypnosis for sociophobia? It would be very helpful for many people 🙏

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    added on 22 May, 2020

    Everything about you is so relaxing. Thank you for your videos and efforts.
    P.s You are so beautiful🧚🏻

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    added on 23 May, 2020

    Thank you so much, you’re whole vibration is peaceful♥️

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    added on 24 May, 2020

    I’m going through a really rough time with my family right now so this video is so much help for me right now ❤️

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    added on 25 May, 2020

    I've been struggeling with a relapse of anorexia and was wondering if you could make a video about that

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    added on 25 May, 2020

    ✨✨✨what a gem

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    added on 4 Jun, 2020

    I keep finding myself here night after night. Thank you

  20. Avatar
    added on 6 Jun, 2020

    I was having horrible anxiety and this video was recommended. First video I watched and as soon as it was over, I subscribed. My throat was so tight and now I feel so much better. Thank you.

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    added on 7 Jun, 2020

    ASMR U With Me …..I sent this to my sister who is in a dark place right now and I trust that you will help her like you help me so thank you 🙏

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    added on 10 Jun, 2020

    Excuse me Any Grant I pray for you and Vince Gill….
    God do your works

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    added on 1 Jul, 2020

    Glare on the tornado…

  24. Avatar
    added on 5 Jul, 2020

    What do the different colour matches repacent

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    added on 7 Jul, 2020

    Thank you for your work. Very much appreciated. It’s always peaceful and pleasant falling asleep to the soothing sound of your soft spoken videos. By the way I lOVE your curly hair! Idk what products you use but it’s looks sooo pretty!

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    added on 18 Jul, 2020

    You are wonderful, definitely my new favorite asmr channel!

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    added on 22 Jul, 2020

    The match opening is very creative, and lends itself to a comfortable trigger of routine. It helps you immerse yourself in the practice further.

  28. Avatar
    added on 24 Jul, 2020

    I started watching your videos almost every night for the past month and I've not once made it to the end of the video without falling asleep! Amazing!!

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    added on 2 Sep, 2020

    Thank you so very much! I listen to these videos every night. I sleep so much better now. 💤🛏❤️

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