We’re All Socially Awkward Now

As the school year begins amid a pandemic, many are concerned about the negative impact that virtual or socially distanced learning may have on children’s developing social skills. But what about grown-ups? It seems adults deprived of consistent and varied peer contact can get just as clumsy at social interactions as inexperienced kids. Research on […]

Bullying In The Age Of Remote Learning

With most children across the country out of school full or part time due to the pandemic, parents should be able to rest easy, knowing that school bullies won’t be lurking in the hallway or at the lunch table. But sadly, that’s not the case. Even though youth aren’t physically at school, bullying can still […]

How to Cope When Everything Keeps Changing

How do you make plans when it’s impossible to make plans? The ground beneath our feet is constantly shifting. Planning for anything more than a week out can feel futile — almost silly — since no one knows what the next week, much less the next month, will bring. A surge in coronavirus cases in […]

Big drop reported in vaping by US teenagers

Vaping by U.S. teenagers fell dramatically this year, especially among middle schoolers, according to a federal report released Wednesday. Experts think last year’s outbreak of vaping-related illnesses and deaths may have scared off some kids, but they believe other factors contributed to the drop, including higher age limits and flavor bans. In a national survey, […]

Eating disorders triggered, worsened by coronavirus pandemic

Eating disorders are thriving as the COVID-19 pandemic stretches into its sixth month of reshaping American life. Hotline calls to the National Eating Disorders Association are up 70-80% in recent months, according to a Tuesday report by NPR. For many Americans, eating is tied to stress, anxiety and other disorders. Often an emotional coping mechanism, it can be triggered by food scarcity and stockpiling […]

The Future of Counselling

Over the past three months, we’ve seen people, organisations and businesses make adjustments to adapt to “The New Normal”. While it has largely been a work in progress with everyone still figuring out the best way to go about things, we cannot deny that certain needs have been brought to light. Twitter has conducted some […]

The cultural perception of sexual dysfunction

The term culture is a generalized term used in various ways, at its core however, it relates to the shared values and meanings of a particular group – determining and defining identity of group. Culture, in other words, can be seen as the sum of human productive activity in a given space, including habits, institutions […]