Brain Psychology | This Man Will Leave You Speechless | Wim Hof

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✦ Speakers : Wim Hof and Jim Kwik

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    added on 25 Nov, 2019

    "We Can Predict The Future" –

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    added on 5 Jan, 2020

    Easy to say it, hard to do it!

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    added on 7 Jan, 2020

    Dont ever trust a man with a hair like that😂 i Would not trust this ugly fool to clean my toilet.

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    added on 7 Jan, 2020

    Easier said than done!

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    added on 17 Jan, 2020

    🏝 Too many people like to stay in their comfort zones on Pleasure Island, not knowing what they can have even better elsewhere 🚣🏼‍♂️

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    added on 21 Jan, 2020

    It‘s all about 101% dedication. Just that simple!

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    added on 22 Jan, 2020

    alguém pode traduzir

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    added on 25 Jan, 2020

    With cold showers, it's easy. In the beginning just start with warm water and slowly turn it colder and each day you go a little colder and a little longer. In a month or less you'll be able to stay in cold water for as long as you like and your energy levels will be higher.

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    added on 28 Jan, 2020

    why are you dismissing this wonderfull man with your shit images. let him pop alone in the show.

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    added on 30 Jan, 2020

    this man stitting hard fax

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    added on 31 Jan, 2020

    Allah akbur

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    added on 1 Feb, 2020

    Wow, better than I expected.

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    added on 2 Feb, 2020

    This is important use this brain power to do negative reiki as well s menatlism and especially the politicians are in thisb..through menatalism they try to get the password of people as well as they try to make them say what they want or they start reading what your mind is trying to think and get their own work done.
    It is happening with me as the device what is installed voices and hacks of my phone..

    They are doing this dram where the primen minister of India is involved ..he is not doing menatlism but he is quiet on watch and listening but one of his cabinet lady minister does this here along with his MP ..ruling party people ..and fake relatives..they include with all this maran mantara on some one and kill them and so negative reiki .

    They say on speaker that why Narendra modi prime.minister will hack ..he knows well ..why will he hack instead of making his people ask here..first of Allman.he is ot coming straight to speak what he wants and why is he doing all this tantrums and top of that ..why will he hack his puppets will speak in dram voice style all.are fronfilmy fujita of boyywood and tv serials in politics with heads of acting and dialogues only with head to work for people and do something g for people rest the others are criminals having criminal activity background other ways no head to work out for betterment ..and then they speak about my best friend President Putin ..why will he hack ….

    I have given him right to my hack my things..and no one has right to tell him for me …

    And other thing if they are troubling me ….then definitely to know when his name is involved the will try to find the truth..he has all the right ..and I stand next to him always ..

    They are taking here President name now. .on speaker no way ..I am not going to spare them ..enough dirt they have done. .in every one name .

    Forward it to UN and experts of mentalism in your nation .

    Namrata Trivedi
    Borivaki east
    They are making fun as am writing here on you tube . But things will work out ..
    Shameless people here making fun .

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    added on 5 Feb, 2020

    Spot on …

  15. Avatar
    added on 11 Feb, 2020

    Thank you

  16. Avatar
    added on 13 Feb, 2020

    Amazing stuff. I wish more people spend time listening to his videos instead of wasting time on social media platforms or watching news channels spewing hatred and lies, as its in most cases.

  17. Avatar
    added on 16 Feb, 2020

    Can be the Power of No mind..:):)
    I would keep up with the "hippie bs" :):)

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    added on 17 Feb, 2020

    💛💙💚🧡 Been doing Wim Hof breathing method & cold showers for a while now.

    Less stress, less anxiety
    Better feeling of well-being
    Better immune system too


  19. Avatar
    added on 19 Feb, 2020

    How can we heal hachimouto disease with this method, I'm suffering with it

  20. Avatar
    added on 21 Feb, 2020

    If it does kill you it makes you stronger, eh?

  21. Avatar
    added on 26 Feb, 2020

    Does he believe in 'mind over matter' as well,
    or just mind over body

  22. Avatar
    added on 6 Mar, 2020

    Yeah he sounds crazy but trying to explain something we dont know about is very hard, especially in a second language

  23. Avatar
    added on 8 Mar, 2020

    I am disease free and always will be. Why? Because I said so , that's why. It's all in the mind. Thank you for this video.

  24. Avatar
    added on 8 Mar, 2020

    At first glance you notice two things from Wim Hof. He never REALLY says anything, and he says EVERYTHING will real, honest, emotion. A great man that has devoted his life to teach all of us peons the key to happiness.

  25. Avatar
    added on 8 Mar, 2020

    Addiction MAY be physically dependent for a short amount of time. But if you can fucking claw your way through all the ugly shit. All it is, is a mental game. The point is not to AVOID thinking about your addiction, but to POINT your focus towards something else that can captivate and appeal to the brain’s thirsty urge. The only way to to stop being addicted to one thing is to become addicted to another. ❤️Discover your goals🔥

  26. Avatar
    added on 9 Mar, 2020

    Absolute hero! Still think some things need more than cold exposure and exercise, however I'm a big fan of the whim hoff method! do the breathing daily.

  27. Avatar
    added on 12 Mar, 2020

    That's what Indian sadhus told thousands of years ago lol westerners slow to catch up

  28. Avatar
    added on 12 Mar, 2020

    Still westerners are stuck with climbing mount everest lol come out of these mundane materliastic ideas or whatever and achieve what's above and beyond

  29. Avatar
    added on 12 Mar, 2020

    Stupid peasants!!
    This is basic eastern philosophy😆😆
    Nothing new♿️♿️♿️♿️😆😆😆😆😆😆

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    added on 16 Mar, 2020

    I pray that you show this man the way to your heart.
    Knowledge of human will die.

    Look around you today.
    And honestly wake up.

    I thought so ones too
    I could do everything
    I was an Elite swimmer
    And did yoga

    A force I could not recon with
    Not only took everything from me.
    But boy so much more
    That I will not share here

    An Ice woman
    From Faroe Islands
    Became humble
    Knowing God is real.

    Jesus is the true way to life

  31. Avatar
    added on 20 Mar, 2020

    I can wait for those exercises to start them at the appropriate time.

  32. Avatar
    added on 23 Mar, 2020

    I was diagnosed with polio on my right side….. Arms, lats, shoulder were affected…. But I can deadlift 120 kg… And it's going to increase in the next six months.

  33. Avatar
    added on 2 Apr, 2020

    2600 years old tradition, that is buddhism.

  34. Avatar
    added on 9 Apr, 2020

    That's fucking right prove me wrong. Thanks I needed this today.

  35. Avatar
    added on 21 Apr, 2020

    you already put limitation on yourself if you think you can't.

  36. Avatar
    added on 25 Apr, 2020

    what is that pendant he wear ?

  37. Avatar
    added on 26 Apr, 2020


  38. Avatar
    added on 29 Apr, 2020

    Only mastered ice

  39. Avatar
    added on 6 May, 2020

    Cold showers – Been doing that for years and years…

  40. Avatar
    added on 11 May, 2020

    This is FLIPPIN awesome!! Go team!! Go!!❤️💪🏻

  41. Avatar
    added on 17 May, 2020

    This guy is either insane or really smart..

  42. Avatar
    added on 19 May, 2020

    With the power of my mind I was able to have my kids without an epidural or pain medication! I had never felt so powerful in my life and it felt good to control my mind. I 100% know our mind is POWERFUL ✨

  43. Avatar
    added on 29 May, 2020

    After Allah Almighty lifted his trial from upon prophet Jōb and rewarded him and accepted his prayers he told him that your cure is in cold water so drink from it and wash from it and he was cured. This is in the holy Quran. Alhumdulilah ❤️☝🏼️

  44. Avatar
    added on 5 Jun, 2020

    Yes what we need is love not the government=police & intelligence agencies..

  45. Avatar
    added on 6 Jun, 2020

    What are you trying to control?

  46. Avatar
    added on 9 Jun, 2020

    Nice video and INCREDIBLE MAN.

  47. Avatar
    added on 14 Jun, 2020

    I did 6 months in a Philippine jungle with no choice but cold showers and this experience gave beyond focus, embodied a flow of pure gratitude✨💓✨🐨🙏

  48. Avatar
    added on 26 Jun, 2020

    An amazing feature in everybody.. either it makes you or destroys you

  49. Avatar
    added on 18 Aug, 2020

    THIS is TRUE….you're LIFE…you're CONSCIOUSNESS, the ground of being, the Universe in wholeness and the fundamental of Reality.
    You're born liberated but society imprisons your mind.

  50. Avatar
    added on 5 Sep, 2020

    Hippie Bull Shit… lol😂 Definitely not. It's a Healthy mind… 😊

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