Can psychology be Christian? [CCT Conversations // Eric Johnson & Siang-Yang Tan]

Can psychology be Christian? [CCT Conversations // Eric Johnson & Siang-Yang Tan]

Some Christians call it “psychoheresy.” But are psychological research, psychoanalysis, and psychotherapy really inconsistent with Christian faith and practice? Eric Johnson (So. Baptist Theo. Seminary) and Siang-Yang Tan (a pastor AND a psychologist at Fuller Theo. Seminary) discuss whether there can be such a thing as “Christian Psychology.”

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    added on 6 Feb, 2016

    Glory To God ❤️ #psychologymajor

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    added on 17 Feb, 2016

    The Bible does not mentions Christian Psycology? This is just another man made false doctrine that has infiltrated the Church.

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    added on 19 Feb, 2016

    I'm a Christian and I really want to be a psychiatrist… but I take a psychology course, (I'm homeschooled), and my course always gives the "Christian view," of the subjects and it got me to thinking that maybe psychiatry wasn't something that I could do. But I thought about it a lot and I feel really called to it. But I'm just curious to hear what other people think of it, so someone please give me opinions. xoxo

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    added on 9 Mar, 2016

    i have a question. i want to be a child psychologist. i want to help the kid who were abuse but if it mean that i need to destroy my belief in god i just need to give up in my dream. all i wanted to do is help our youth but i am all confused please help me. i don't know what to do

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    added on 17 Aug, 2016

    I have a perspective for everyone commenting saying how psychology and Christianity are opposed, or that "Christian psychology" couldn't be a thing. Psychology is simply the study of the psyche. The word psyche is greek word for soul. God created the Psyche. Why would it be sinful to study it? I definitely don't agree with much of the conclusions os modern psychology but the study itself is not wicked. Peace and light be upon you all from the LORD Jesus Christ.. Great video.

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    added on 4 Sep, 2016

    Siang-Yang Tan makes some really good points

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    added on 1 Oct, 2016

    sorry, there is no Christian Psychology and no Christian Yoga.

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    added on 12 Jan, 2017

    Such a great job explaining Christian Psychology, also as a graduate student and new intern for counseling the importance of self-care is being emphasized in my school. To have this Christian conceptualization of self-care will help me to remember to rely on God for care. I tend to easily be self-reliant, so I know God has used this video to remind me of his desire to care for me and to remind me to rely on him. Thank you for taking the time to make this video!

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    added on 25 Jan, 2017

    I think I have found what I have been looking for if only there was one like him in our Parish.

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    added on 28 Feb, 2017

    Let me say something as a former Christian. If Christianity is true these two men are burning in hell for all eternity along with 6+ billion people and shit is much more serious than EVERY church on earth has ever imagined haha.

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    added on 28 Feb, 2017

    Let me rephrase these men might not burn in hell long as they repent of psychological idolatry and God showing the ultimate card of forgiveness of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit but after that they must try.

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    added on 16 Jun, 2017

    Are there any truths about human nature that can only be known through God's special revelation?

    Suppose there are truths about how to overcome sinful behavior. Are some of those truths found only in God's special revelation?

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    added on 13 Dec, 2017

    Why did this make me cry?

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    added on 21 Jan, 2018

    Wonderfully explained. 🤗

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    added on 29 Apr, 2018

    Don't know…I am still wondering. Dr Martin Bodgan, himself a licensed counsellor disagrees that psychology is Christian, therefore, the Church should not be referring their members to therapists for help. Here's a link to his talk I watched recently ;

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    added on 24 Jul, 2018

    One of the biggest problems I see in these Christians that are adamant against Psychology is their innate sense of distrust. We forget that we are ALL fallen and damaged, and some of us are born with lesser instruction by decent parents, or have little understanding because we have low IQs (I'm sure I will get something for saying this, lol) but the bottom line is, if we TRUST the LORD, we ought also to be able to trust his Christian children who were given gifts in the area of "Helps," and that too is biblical. We can TRUST that GOD is watching out for ALL of us because God does not want ANY of us to perish; Hell was never meant for humans, so God has made many ways to reach him, especially when we have been wounded terribly by the world. lt is true, we ought not to ALLOW anyone to think for us, but we can be helped by others to see things a bit clearly when we have not had the fortune to have good around us in our lives.

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    added on 13 Aug, 2018

    There’s a lot of good in this video I feel it!♥️

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    added on 30 Aug, 2018

    Psychology and spirituality are intertwined. However Christian psychology is garbage.

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    added on 6 Dec, 2018

    There is a Christian response to this psychology found here:

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    added on 26 Jan, 2019

    Christianity and Psychology can definitely coexist, so long as Christ is given preeminence

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    added on 14 Apr, 2019

    i like it

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    added on 26 Apr, 2019

    This is an excellent discussion! Very helpful.

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    added on 9 Jun, 2019

    bullshit. Psychology IS A CIENCE . Christianity has to do with RELIGION. Anyone who calls himself Christtian psychologist desserves no trust. What about christian biology, christian engineering , christian geography…? Goddamn these stupid people.

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    added on 10 Aug, 2019

    Beautifully done video loved the interview very hopeful and knowledgeable a pleasure to watch and gain knowledge from thank you. God Bless

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    added on 19 Aug, 2019

    Yes! Integrate! It saddens me that so many Christians cannot see the value in all we are learning about the mind and healing. No one says we should throw out all the new knowledge of how to care for the rest of our bodies, why do they think we should do this with the mind.

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    added on 18 Sep, 2019

    In psychology we can’t tell gays they will go to hell nor can we tell people married twice they are in adultery !! So how can psychology be Christian ?

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    added on 12 Nov, 2019


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    added on 21 Nov, 2019

    very informative and coherent
    God bless you !!

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    added on 25 Nov, 2019

    Modern man has recently fallen into the pit of humanistic psychology due to the mind sciences that have flourished since evolution has replaced God's Word in many education circles these days. This modern human is very self centered and desires to relate to things that feed their own flesh and caters to its heartfelt needs, not truth. Man is also claiming he is no longer responsible for his own actions but he plays the victim. We see this all over the culture today and examples are:

    *Man sees himself as GOOD at heart not evil of fallen
    *You are not practicing sin (like sexual perversion) but you are just born gay
    *The eternal law of God has been replaced by what makes me feel good as a person.
    *Rather then God being the center of truth, man is now the center unto himself.

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    added on 8 Dec, 2019

    What a stupid topic. Psychology is a science. Science proceeds without regard for any kind of external bias. It is a method for obtaining, over time, truth.

    If your sense of your religion is coming into conflict with psychological knowledge, that's entirely a problem between you and your religion.

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    added on 11 Dec, 2019

    Psychology, psychotherapy, and psychoanalysis fall (to some degree) under the rubric of "mental alchemy."There's obviously some counsel given that equates with common sense; but when the therapy attempts to explain/categorize a person's thoughts and motives, the respective professionals employing these disciplines, either deliberately or inadvertently cross a line by attempting to discern what only God can understand. Only the Lord comprehends the real person. Mortal man is but a mere guesser — and quite often, is way off the mark. I'm not judging these two gentlemen but I think the use of the word "psychology" should not be the descriptive for counselling carried out within a purely biblical perspective. On the other hand, placing faith in the theses of ungodly/agnostic/atheistic psychologists/psychiatrists etc. should be avoided at all cost. .

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    added on 27 Jan, 2020

    The BEST Psychology is the Knowledge of the Holy One. As the Spirit says thru Paul writing "Let this MIND be in you that was also in Christ Jesus". God does not just offer you a clean soul, and a soft sensitive heart. He renews your MIND!!! Like a fresh green Tree that receives the Living Water up thru it's roots.

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    added on 30 Mar, 2020

    As someone who dumped off their Chriatian therapist because they shut me down with their beleifs….no. absolutely. No. Christianity is not objective enough to deal with the human mind.

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    added on 31 Mar, 2020

    it pains me to see there is even a need to have a discussion on this… Christians are no exception to suffering from mental health issues (I might even go as far as to say we struggle more than the general public, but that is another conversation) and we have a call to alleviate the pain, the mental pain many go through at any moment in history. God has created us in such wonderful ways, to be like Him in being creative and discovering new ways to discover the world. Maybe it's a shame that psychology is mostly secular, maybe not… (If I look at church history, I am mostly grateful that psychology became secular, tbh), but it definitely is not anti-biblical. Just like geography, biology, history, literature, and all that we can study with our God-created brains is anything but anti-biblical. One of my favorite authors, Denis Alexander refers to the Scriptures being the Book of the Word of God and to the world in general as the Book of the Work of God (here is one reference to what that means: And we have the God-given responsibility to study both. And use both to serve our fellow humans, fellow God-images to the glory of the One True God! Who's with me?

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    added on 27 Apr, 2020

    "Thanks to ‘The Psychologist from Nazareth’ I am seeing the true colours of life," by María Victoria.

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    added on 10 May, 2020

    Holy Spirit most be saw !

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    added on 28 Jun, 2020

    Being a Christian, a human mind is in a delicate state and can be damaged to change its function, but my question is, this being said, can a man in the same delicate state determine the state of the soul? Is psychological determination of who or what a person is by personality a substantial role in determining if spirituality is part of the human mind or a separate body that ministers to the soul?

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    added on 29 Jun, 2020

    Wow I’m majoring in psychology and I’m also a Christian. I didn’t think I would be able to do both but this gave me some hope and I’m going to pray on it. I want to be able to help and be used by God in this field 🙏🏼

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    added on 19 Jul, 2020

    This video is fanatically helpful. Thank you.

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