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Psychology is a division of science that is concerned with human behaviour and mental processes. It is a deep study of animal and human behaviour, thought and mind. It deals with processes based on which the human mind works. Psychologists are even required to study and research about various human emotions, reactions, motives, and feelings. Mainly individuals who are not able to secure normal emotional and mental balance require services of a psychologist.
Psychologists may not possess a medical degree, but they are required to gain specialization in various subjects of psychology. In order to become a successful psychologist, it is vital for individuals to possess certain skills such as patience, ability to deal and understand patients with different state of mind, good and effective communication skills, good behaviour and empathy towards problems of their patients. Besides these skills, students who aspire to become psychologist can look forward to gain education in this field. This is because a lot of analytical thinking, research work, experimenting and testing is involved within this frame of career.
Most of the reputed institutions offer psychology as a core subject. They offer graduate, post graduate as well as PhD degree provision to students who wish to gain specialization in this field. At graduation level, psychology is a single subject that deals with various core subjects. But at post-graduation level, one has to select a subject of specialization from applied psychology, child psychology, educational psychology, clinical psychology, social psychology, and animal psychology. One successfully completing education in this field, students can then look up to work as psychologists at various reputed hospitals, rehabilitation centres, developmental agencies, NGOs, mental assailment, child improving centres, and more
In order to become a reputed psychologist, it is mandatory for aspirers to gain education in this field from a reputed college. So some of the reputed institutes that offer degree courses in this field are, Sardar Patel University Gujarat; Kurukshetra University, Haryana’ Mysore University; University of Delhi; Barkhatullah Vishwavidhalaya, Bhopal; University of Kolkata; Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, and International Universities. All these universities offer a graduate course of 3 years, a post graduate course of 2 years and a PhD course of 2 years in this field. For some universities, it may also be required for a student to have science background in order to go ahead with further studies of psychology as the main subject.
Once the education is completed, successful graduates can then look up to secure job in some reputed institutions. Some top-notch companies that hire psychologists are as follows:
• Hospitals
• Rehabilitation Centres
• Mental Assailment
• War Hospitals
• Corporate Organizations, that want to enhance their customer’s productivity
• NGOs
• Personal rehabilitation centres or clinics
• Teaching
Working as a professional psychologist can be very challenging, but in monetary terms, it is very lucrative. The initial salary of psychologist depends on the type of job that he has selected, but with experience it may grow. Individuals can also open their personal clinics and aim to treat people with emotional imbalance.
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