Pornography use is linked to depression and anxiety — primarily among those who morally disapprove of it

[ad_1] A study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy suggests that the use of pornography by those in monogamous relationships is not necessarily associated with negative consequences. It seems that the negative consequences of pornography use depend on the consumer’s own moral beliefs about the practice. With pornography becoming more widely accessible, […]

Death by Covid Isolation

[ad_1] My mom died this month. Alone. She died alone. Like thousands of other seniors, the Covid isolation contributed to my mom’s decline and death. A personal tragedy for my family, reflecting our national catastrophe. My mom was a victim of both Alzheimer’s disease and the Covid pandemic. Alzheimer’s was the direct cause of her […]

Help! I’m a Burned-Out Climate Activist

[ad_1] Do you have a personal climate-related dilemma that you need advice on? Submit your question here. Dear Climate Psychologist, I have been a climate activist on and off for the last 15 years, since the scales fell from my eyes while studying ecosystems in college. The “off” times were during periods of depression and burnout. But these past 2 […]

Becoming More Empathic May Change Your Political Views

[ad_1] Some interesting new research finds that people are capable of working consciously to develop or change dimensions of themselves, including personality traits such as empathy. That, in turns, can affect their views of social and political issues. Specifically, this study found that efforts to increase empathy in your relationships or more broadly, towards others – including […]

Why It May Be Hard To Forgive Your Partner

[ad_1] Numerous couples have presented to me for treatment because one (or both) cannot let go of past sins (anything perceived as hurtful or painful) committed in the relationship. Oddly enough, these sins can range from a small lie to adultery. And while it is sometimes tempting to downplay minor transgressions, I have learned that […]

Subliminal Messages

[ad_1] Successful communication between intimate partners is crucial to the success of their relationship. When it goes awry, it is one of the most compelling reasons that couples seek therapy. They know they need help to unravel the misunderstandings and faulty incorrect assumptions that are sabotaging their interactions. There are multiple skills that are readily […]