Color, Naturally Good! Just NOT Naturally-Colored Skin?

2020. What a time. A global pandemic. Political criminality. Economic instability and heightened, renewed racial discord, disharmony and unrest.

There’s much I can say or post; but for now, I’ll share TWO POEMS: One, a poem I wrote years ago: “NATURE PROVES IT TRUE.” It addresses how color is so good, loved, desired in all aspects of life–food, art, nature; but when it comes to naturally colored skin (i.e., no tanning beds required!), too many folks without natural ‘color have a major problem…to a point of even hate of their fellow man.

The second poem, “THE COLOR of THEIR SKIN” was written in the 1970s by my stepfather, Mr. Leo Richards. How timely his words are today.

Both these and other poems about life love, racism, faith, family and death can be found in the e-book collection of 120 poems: MELODIES of the HEART: Poems of Life & Love.


See a pattern here, my brother?

My white brother, too.

Sit a while, listen up…

Let me share some truth with you.

White bread, white rice,

For sure they’ve been around;

But evidence confirms

The better choice is brown.

Darker chocolate surely has

More antioxidants.

White chocolate protects you none,

Just calories misspent.

The butterflies that fly around,

They come in different hues.

For sure, the ones with deeper shades—

More beauty they imbue.

The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice;

For years you’ve heard this said.

To look like me, whites seek the sun

And burn on tanning beds.

If Picasso and Nikita

Painted every canvas pale,

Artists using deeper shades

Would certainly prevail.

A garden is called beautiful

When it’s rich in hue;

So, now my friend, I must ask

This question just for you.

Yes, the darker the better;

Nature proves it true.

So why, when it comes to skin,

You want no dark near you?

Yes, why, when it comes to skin,

Dark is no longer good?

Answer this—I beg of you—

Answer if you would.

Copyright © 1998 Dr. Melody T. McCloud. All Rights Reserved.


Another poem, written in the 1970s by my late stepfather, Mr. Leo Richards. Entitled, “The Color of Their Skin.” and his words SPOT ON today!


The young man lay within the sealed-off street,

Blood oozing slowly from the angry bullet wounds.

The officer, stone-faced, eyed the gathering crowd

As he waited for the radioed EMS.

A woman yelled, “Officer, what is the charge?”

Unsmiling, he flipped a sheet, and read

“Menacing. Resisting arrest.”

Another woman screamed, “we know the charge!

The usual charge, what’s his crime?”

An old man with saddened eyes replied,

His crime, his only crime,

Is the color of his skin.” —LR

Copyright © Mr. Leo Richards via Dr. Melody T. McCloud. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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