Crash Course Psychology Preview

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Welcome to Crash Course Psychology!

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Some Toughts (33)

  1. Avatar
    added on 15 Sep, 2019

    Thank you so much for all these videos. I scored a 5 on my ap psychology exam! I soon hope to double major in social work and psychology.

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    added on 16 Sep, 2019

    شكرًا لترجمتكم الدورات باللغة العربية.
    Thank you for translating Arabic courses.

  3. Avatar
    added on 20 Sep, 2019

    They do change brain cells every 7 years.

  4. Avatar
    added on 26 Sep, 2019

    Underrated science

  5. Avatar
    added on 5 Oct, 2019

    Some say your mind is actually not as complex as people make it out to be, the key is what he says at the start when he tells us our neurons stay the same, our brains are just big baby's.

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    added on 12 Oct, 2019

    I watch Crash Course a couple of hours at a time. Has anyone else had trouble with playing consecutive episodes? I had problem with Psychology and Philosophy.

  7. Avatar
    added on 26 Oct, 2019

    who was addicted to cigar and cocain and who is the roger whose name is written on greens jackets

  8. Avatar
    added on 4 Nov, 2019

    when he said Freud i literally said “ew”

    i do not like freud
    at all.

  9. Avatar
    added on 18 Nov, 2019

    Me : Throws out everything I learned in psychology lectures for three years

  10. Avatar
    added on 2 Dec, 2019

    physics could use some softening. I will never give up the idea of free will.

  11. Avatar
    added on 3 Dec, 2019

    I'm so excited I found this omg 😃

  12. Avatar
    added on 30 Jan, 2020

    I like Crash Course Psychology. I watched the whole series. I have not been in any psychology class in years. I just think the topic is interesting. This series is great in being both informative and fun. I didn't know that Freud was addicted to cocaine. Wow. Now with psychology, I wonder why. What makes a person behave in a way to consume cocaine repeatedly. That is an interesting question to explore. I could handle it the way Freud would. It would get to deep and raunchy places. Cigars are long and skinny. This is a very symbolic shape. Cocaine tends to be a white powder. It depends on the form though. Perhaps cocaine is symbolic too. Perhaps the fixation on cigars leads to the fixation of cocaine in a symbolic way. Both can be smoked through mouth so maybe there is a fixation on the mouth. Maybe the white powder of cocaine can come out of the cigar during excitement. Maybe it is symbolic of a specific kind of body fluid produced only by men and teenage boys but not other humans. I will spare the gory details, but I am hinting at something here. However I am probably overthinking it. Sometimes my boy cocaine is just cocaine. Advanced neuroscience was given as a contrast to Freud. That way of psychology would produce the explanation that makes the most sense. I think it is just that cocaine messes up the brain juices causing a physical dependence and addiction. I better look up cocaine on Wikipedia. The explanation is a bit over my head. What I can gather is that cocaine somehow hijacks the reward system in the brain that leads to an excess of dopamine. That makes sense. Too much dopamine is going to make someone really happy and really addicted. Interestingly sugar and video games can also hijack the system and raise dopamine. So they can be addictive too. I wonder if kids in the future can use this to explain reckless hedonistic behavior. They would say "the dopamine made me do it".

  13. Avatar
    added on 10 Feb, 2020

    What you are saying about neurons is false. It has been scientifically proven that lions mane mushrooms, psilocybin mushrooms, and even exercise, among other things can cause neurogenesis.

  14. Avatar
    added on 14 Feb, 2020

    الف شكر للمترجم العربي hanna ⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩

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    added on 19 Feb, 2020

    I’m literally watching this just for fun

  16. Avatar
    added on 6 Mar, 2020

    Hey, I love CrashCourse, but that is a total myth you are sharing Mr. Green about only having one set of neurons from birth to death. Your brain indeed creates new neurons! Please include the science of neurogenesis in your preview and other related videos 🙂

  17. Avatar
    added on 19 Mar, 2020

    When Psyciatrists and Psychologists are watching this for fun. Lol

  18. Avatar
    added on 21 Mar, 2020

    Solo para extranjeros

  19. Avatar
    added on 26 Mar, 2020

    Finally, I found my haven. Lol

  20. Avatar
    added on 31 Mar, 2020

    That music is so annoying

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    added on 6 Apr, 2020

    I am 14.but I will learn this.can I?🇧🇩

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    added on 10 Apr, 2020


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    added on 10 Apr, 2020


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    added on 23 Apr, 2020

    watching this for fun cause im suddenly interested in psychology

  25. Avatar
    added on 30 Apr, 2020

    @hankgreen tell me honestly how high were you when you shot this video?

  26. Avatar
    added on 5 May, 2020

    you can see Human’s specific repeatable behavior as gene reproduction of strategy.
    Design for duplicating own gene constantly. It’s for filling up gene’s selfish.
    Design for reproduction not means it will finishes reproduction successfully.

  27. Avatar
    added on 15 May, 2020

    2020 anyone ? 👁👄👁

  28. Avatar
    added on 26 May, 2020

    honestly I'm just bored in quarantine and that's why I'm binging this

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    added on 5 Jun, 2020

    I'm just bored at 2am

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    added on 5 Jun, 2020

    I read a few of your books

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    added on 11 Jun, 2020

    I'm gonna watch this series cause I'm gonna take it in the 20-21 school year. I'm actually really excited!!

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    added on 12 Jun, 2020


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    added on 21 Jun, 2020

    Tomorrow is my Differential Exam and i'm here studying Psychology, I"M A COMPUTER STUDENT

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