Day in the Life: Clinical Psychologist

0:27 How did you know that being a Clinical Psychologist is what you wanted to do?

0:57 What is a typical day and week for you?

2:14 What do you like and not like about your job? What are the pros and cons of this type of work?

3:01 Settings to apply psychology degree

4:40 Resources for students

5:39 Path and steps to becoming a Clinical Psychologist

7:38 Other things to know about this career

8:22 Self Care Tips

8:48 Personal Quote

9:11 General advice for young adults

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    added on 16 Sep, 2019


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    added on 18 Sep, 2019


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    added on 19 Sep, 2019

    I’m doing biology for my level 8 undergraduate degree, can I still become a psychologist from that?

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    added on 12 Oct, 2019

    For university do you need to have a grade in Biology?

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    added on 4 Nov, 2019


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    added on 6 Nov, 2019

    The change in her facial expressions from 5:39 to 5:43 when she starts thinking about grad school is exactly what has me tripping right now.

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    added on 7 Nov, 2019

    This really interests me, im 14 and have no idea how to involve psychology into my upcoming week experience. Any ideas?

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    added on 10 Nov, 2019

    This video made me remember why I ever contemplated majoring in psychology before stupidly choosing nursing. Luckily, I'm not too far in the career. Thank you so much! I was bummed out all day, trying to figure out what I wanted to be. This is what I want to be.

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    added on 16 Nov, 2019

    OK I need some advice:
    So I’m in early college high school student meaning after high school I’ll have two years of college (an associates degree) so I’ll basically be starting off my undergrad as a junior. How would you recommend I obtain experience such as internships, since I will be fresh out of high school?

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    added on 4 Dec, 2019

    8:30 for life tips

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    added on 4 Dec, 2019

    How can an 18 year old decide to be a psychologist when they have little to no life experience with helping the sick, mental illness, violence, drug abuse, and world corruption? Let alone how the mind works when their own mind is still developing? I am 32, and am thinking about returning to school to be a psychologist but going to school full time for the next 10 years in impossible. How will i pay my bills?! Loans are not an option, so how am I supposed to work with this system and succedd?? 🤷🏼‍♀️

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    added on 8 Dec, 2019

    She likes to hold my hand, and p

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    added on 23 Dec, 2019

    This is my dream job, great money and I’m very interested in it!

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    added on 20 Jan, 2020

    I have a big question 🙋. Is clinical psychologist, counselling?

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    added on 26 Jan, 2020

    does being a psychiatrist and entering a med school costs alot?

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    added on 2 Apr, 2020

    Hey guys tell me what psychology field I would fit in

    I'm a very observant person, and I like to figure out what is going on in a person's mind and talk about it to a coworker that is investigating the client case

    I have alot of patience, and I'm trying to be a good listener

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    added on 30 Apr, 2020

    I hope people are aware that their are certain fields of psychology other than clinical psychology that focus on other things like the environment and helping students with problems like anxiety due to school.

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    added on 5 May, 2020

    I love kids and I love learning about the brain! I wouldn’t prefer to get my doctorate but Idk what career I should get into. I would like to do counseling in a college or in hospitals with kids who have adhd . Anyone know what I can do

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    added on 10 May, 2020

    Older b frowned on for pla d

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    added on 19 May, 2020

    what's her name and how can we contact her?

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    added on 23 May, 2020

    To believe I thought about giving this shit up for computer science. A lucrative career yes, but it’s just not what I want

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    added on 7 Jun, 2020

    I needed this 💗

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    added on 10 Jun, 2020

    She should start a YouTube I would get videos

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    added on 11 Jun, 2020

    What on earth was your videos posted to be about is it just about you you and your day day what about your work and what about involves but just about you you you you you what a waste of time

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    added on 16 Jun, 2020

    Will be doing masters in clinical psychology in few months ❤ and a PhD after that 😅

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    added on 16 Jun, 2020

    I would love to have this woman as a therapist.

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    added on 26 Jun, 2020

    Please tell me what is wrong with myself and my mind?
    Desperate! How to do? Until 3 years ago my house was always spring cleaned, my husband died about two and a half years ago, since then I can not organise my home anymore, I start to clean it and it feels to me that my house will never be clean as it did before. I feel it is always dirty, now I start to do something and I have to leave it, I just can not do it anymore.
    I only maintain the minimum, but I want my house to shine again from top to the bottom.
    Why I always did it and can not anymore, I am depressed since my husband died two and a halve years ago, and my father about 10 months ago.
    I start to think if maybe I do not want to go on
    I hate to see my house like that, not organized, anymore. I used to do my house from top to botton every single week. I can not afford to pay for help as I lost now my work too.
    Worse at all, when I am at my work I do absolutely everything, I love to work, but as soon as I arrive home and open my door. I do not want to do nothing, not even cooking my meals, as I went 9 months only eating sandwiches with, coffie, nuts, salads, tuna and fruit juice, I did not wanted to eat cooked food.
    I live in a family that we can "eat from the floor", my house now is a mess, I hate it? Wht can I not do nothing when I come home? Even if I clean something, always feels to me filth!

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    added on 4 Jul, 2020

    This is the path I’m heading can’t wait. Thank great video.

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    added on 20 Jul, 2020

    Did she only get her bachelors and masters? Or does she have a PhD or PsyD?

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    added on 26 Jul, 2020

    This is my dream idk i just feel amazed by this job

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    added on 26 Jul, 2020

    When i hear her saying about the things she thinks when she was a child i was shocked bc that was same to me

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    added on 28 Jul, 2020

    Money dr phil put u guys on the map to becoming wealthy

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    added on 1 Aug, 2020

    thank you so much for this information !! i really want to pursue this career 💞

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    added on 17 Aug, 2020

    Great video, great questions and answers, thank you so much!

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    added on 1 Sep, 2020

    After you study bachelors in psychology , how do you become a clinical psychologist

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    added on 21 Sep, 2020

    Doing MA psychology, then M.Phil after engineering a stupid idea ??
    (Im 25 years old, completed bachelor's degree in engineering in 2017.)

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