Dis-eases: how to treat or cure naturally: psychological and physical liberating direction

Is there a natural way to treat dis-eases to actually cure them or make them disappear? In this video you will know the answer and you will see that dis-ease symptoms are actually very valuable signals, designed in our own favour.

Only when we know and solve or cure the actual root cause of dis-eases, we can treat, cure or heal the root together with its current or future dis-ease symptoms.

Everything in life or in nature that is alive to the fullest, flows to the fullest and everything that gets blocked or stops flowing, turns into a flatline or dies.If we follow the intelligence of nature and want to cure disease or want to make disease disappear, we have to find, treat and solve the root of our blockages, which are the root cause of our dis-eases symptoms.Welcome to this video.

I’m Tom Nuyens from the Alive . After having survived a life threatening disease when I was eight years old and after having studied both physical and psychological health, and after having experienced that many conditioned and advertised health claims and directions are sometimes flat out wrong, it became my passion, To help you see the woods for the trees again, regarding your physical and emotional health.

Do you want to know what the most important thing is, what you can do today, to drastically improve your natural physical flow or health already?

Enjoy the video!

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    added on 29 Sep, 2020

    amazing! just waiting for my 4th video

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