Flow Psychology of Optimal Experience

Flow is a psychological concept, indicating our ability to experience Optimal performance and creativity with any activity. In this video I discuss flow and why is it important for us to experience it.

Who am I? DR ITAI IVTZAN – I’m a Positive Psychologist, a Professor at Naropa University, teaching and researching Mindfulness Meditation, Positive Psychology, and Spirituality. I love personal growth & transformation – any practice or learning that allows us to live to our fullest potential – and there’s so much of that potential! I am so passionate about it that I wrote 50+ scientific articles and 5 books – inviting us all to explore the experience of breaking our personal boundaries while saying “yes” to life’s invitations.

I’m also the Director of the School of Positive Transformation – at our school, we believe that through education, teaching, training, and support, we could trigger positive change. Check out our courses and trainings:

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