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Learn all about the history of psychology in just a few minutes! Brooke Miller, Ph.D., instructor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, walks through the origins and major schools of psychology.

This video is part of a complete, condensed Introduction to Psychology series presented in short digestible summaries.

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Freud had his ego, Pavlov his dogs, and Maslow his pyramid. Now students in Introduction to Psychology have Course Hero!

Course Hero’s Introduction to Psychology series explores the most relevant theories and concepts across the field, including:
• The science of psychology
• The biological foundations of behavior

For centuries, humans have been trying to figure out what makes us, well, us! Psychologists have studied the human brain, human emotions, and the human condition to better understand our interactions with ourselves and others.

The series also dives into:
• The components of thinking, learning, and remembering
• A look at social and developmental psychology to see how humans change as they age
• A discussion of how stress, common psychological disorders, and treatments affect people today

Using essential psychology vocabulary, summary points, and professor-reviewed explanations, Course Hero makes learning psychology quick and easy!

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    added on 2 Sep, 2019

    This is super helpful and well made, it should have more attention.

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    added on 2 Oct, 2019

    great job, very soothing to fall asleep to as well

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    added on 14 Apr, 2020

    Much appreciated

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    added on 28 Jun, 2020

    I think its Wilhelm Wundt not william

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    added on 29 Jun, 2020

    *Wilhelm Wundt

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    Karen Horney pronounced hor-nye

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    Ugggh I’m so boreddd

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    wait i thought course hero was just a site to find quiz and test answers not an actual thing lol

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    added on 3 Sep, 2020

    Rediscovering truths which have been highlighted to us since the beginning, just a shame the secular society rubbishes it off, so they can utilise the scientific 'discovery' into the goal economic agenda machines……it's a no brainer for those who know the truth, love from a scientifically trained EX athiest, one oath, one truth, one way, you will see this in the next 100 years, coz their lies are thinning as I type 😎😘💖

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    added on 13 Sep, 2020

    I am in india ..☺…good explaination…thank u

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    you guys helped me out sooo much thank you!!!!

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