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In this video, Mr. Parker explains why paraphrasing is really important to show other people that we are listening to them and caring about what they think. Paraphrasing is repeating back what someone says or creating a summary of what they meant. By saying back someone’s words in your words is a powerful tool to help us talk with our friends. It’s important to listen to others and pay attention to their feelings. By this simple little trick, we can let others know we care about them and are listening. He finishes up by singing a great song to help us remember this skill.

I’m going to paraphrase what you were saying
to show you that I’m listening
repeat back your words but put my own spin on it
that way you know I am hearing it
I’m showing listening in so many ways I’m going to show caring every single day
and if I name you’re feeling I show you that I’m really tuned into you
cheer you up when you’re feeling blue

Mr. Parker has a wide range of experience including teaching at the university level, working in elementary, middle, and high schools and using music to make social-emotional skills relatable. He’s been playing the guitar and drums for over 15 years and loves making music. He believes music allows us to relax, have fun, and better remember things we are learning. He’s found that just listening to music can calm our nerves, help us smile more and better understand our feelings. With over 8 years of experience in schools, universities and private practice, he hopes you’ll enjoy these lessons and looks forward to singing with you!

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    added on 24 Mar, 2020

    You can send emails here with your comments, and homework

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    added on 24 Mar, 2020

    one day I was going to tell something on the speaker to the whole school, and I was worried because i thought That i would mess up. I told my friend about it, she detected my tone and said don't worry. she paraphrased my feelings.

    Manjushri divvi Mis. Rapps class.

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    added on 29 Mar, 2020

    I was feeling dumb when my friends were playing really well and I was very bad so one of my friends said that I was also good but this was just not my day he paraphrased my feelings – Ashwin S

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