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In this video, Mr. Parker explains how important the words we use are. Words are extremely powerful and they can affect the people around us in big ways. By using kind words we can overcome our anger and control our feelings. Bad or mean words can really hurt the feelings of our friends and family which we don’t want to do. Mr. Parker explains why it’s important to recognize what you’re feeling and name that feeling. Then you have to think about how we want to express that feeling. Mr. Parker talks about why it’s important to treat others how we want to be treated. He finishes up with a song to help us remember these skills.

When I get angry I want to say things that are mean
If I don’t stop and think the words might just come out as screams
First you’ve got to feel and recognize you’re upset
Think about what you’ll say always be your best
Talk and tell others what you’re feeling using kind words starts the healing
Behave in a way that shows that you can handle it
Don’t get too upset always be your best

Mr. Parker has a wide range of experience including teaching at the university level, working in elementary, middle, and high schools and using music to make social-emotional skills relatable. He’s been playing the guitar and drums for over 15 years and loves making music. He believes music allows us to relax, have fun, and better remember things we are learning. He’s found that just listening to music can calm our nerves, help us smile more and better understand our feelings. With over 8 years of experience in schools, universities and private practice, he hopes you’ll enjoy these lessons and looks forward to singing with you!

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