How to Use “Psychological First Aid” During Coronavirus Quarantine

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Here’s when and how to use “psychological first aid” during coronavirus quarantine.

What happens when mental health issues get especially difficult during a coronavirus quarantine?

Curbing the spread of coronavirus symptoms is critical, so the coronavirus quarantine is critical. But self isolation is difficult, and there are psychological first aid strategies you need to know for mental health issues like depression and anxiety that may be inflamed due to the corona virus quarantine.

In this video interview, MedCircle host Kyle Kittleson and leading psychiatrist Dr. Sue Varma discuss…
– How to deal with depression during quarantine and self isolation
– How to deal with negative thoughts during coronavirus quarantine and self isolation
– How to spot the signs in yourself immediate help or “psychological first aid” is needed

And more.

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    added on 24 Mar, 2020

    Did you know any of Dr. Varma's "psychological first aid" strategies?
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    added on 25 Mar, 2020

    May Almighty keep this mam, HAPPY, HEALTHY, ENERGETIC Evergreen & Successful Forever.

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    added on 26 Mar, 2020

    Again an indian girl. Why?

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    added on 26 Mar, 2020

    That’s rather difficult when there’s a lot of narcs in society, they just don’t care. I tend to contact my old Therapist who often helps.

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    I'm so proud of her!

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    added on 27 Mar, 2020

    Very informative video! Serious topic to discuss giving the circumstances. Keep up the good work MedCircle!

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    added on 27 Mar, 2020

    Thanks a million both of you, 😉❤ stay strong, let's make it out alive. Love My New Family

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    added on 27 Mar, 2020

    Hey could you guys make a series about depersonalization/derealization? It’s not talked about a lot at all and I’d really love to hear your thoughts on it.

    Ps: love that this series talks about a current topic to help people directly in their situation!

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    added on 30 Mar, 2020

    Thank you for this it was really helpful and insightful. I needed it.

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    added on 1 Apr, 2020

    You guys should do an interview on people who lack empathy or really any emotion. I have this issue and interested in what you guys can find out.

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    added on 10 Apr, 2020

    Hi, thank you for the good program. My team is building up an online Psychological First Aid App online platform. We are looking for trained psychological first aid from anywhere in the Globe willing to join our platform during this pandemic to provide this support, could you recommend us or point us to some place. Many thanks keep the spirit!

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    added on 30 Apr, 2020

    People are depressed, but that can change, when you meditate daily, when you form new habits to improve your psychology and biology, when your work is fullfilling- becoming successful at what you chose to do , not at what your parents said- you live a happy, healthy wealthy life, excited to wake up everyday.

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    added on 5 May, 2020

    thx for all this help advice

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    added on 13 May, 2020

    Mam I am the person to watch this vedio very first time. It was really helpful☺️, I have a question or you can think my complexion which i am going through , that is I have a girl in my school I was unable to do interactions with her .She was my crush , but due to lack of interaction and fear of getting rejected or shyness I wasn't able to impress her that much so that I could let her feel that I loved her very much😍. After our college I've proposed her online, but I don't know why she became angry and blocked me, Its been 3 years from now I couldn't talk to her , I just wish and wish for that blessed day when God becomes kind to me .so that we could solve those issues b/w us . Mam do you have any solution to this? Please make a vedio on it or suggest me if there is any on your channel🙏 ,

    Love from India.☺️

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    added on 17 May, 2020

    Great video ! ❤️ all 4 parts were really helpful.

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    added on 19 May, 2020

    It is challenging and worrying having to experience the devastating effects of Coronavirus around both the general public and healthcare workers. The information on 'psychological first aid' is really helpful.

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    added on 21 May, 2020

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    added on 21 May, 2020

    She know what shes talking about wow wish she had a channle very smart and the young man as well .

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    added on 23 May, 2020

    Yeah but can you still believe your right when your wrong? How smart is seome who believes lies?

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    added on 24 May, 2020

    This video is helping, I can't express how or why but it is helping.

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    added on 5 Jun, 2020

    What if you dont have anyone you can call

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    added on 13 Jul, 2020

    Bullying is a social problem, can't be tackled by psychiatrists. A bully is himself/herself suffering from psychological distress and they try to self medicate it through bullying. This self medication technique must not be entertained. It is actually a disturbed mind causing disturbance into another mind. It doesn't matter what they do, the intense psychological negative energy, hatred they exert on their victims cause long lasting psychic damage. Victims don't understand why they're being so intensely hated. It has to be the organization that must not condone bullying. Psychiatrist may help in recovery process.

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    added on 19 Jul, 2020

    This seemed pretty irrelevant to the title

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    added on 30 Jul, 2020

    I need help with my wife and I'm terrified , I don't know how to help and she's so sweet and doesn't deserve this pain and I pray every day , anything I'm in tears please help.

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    added on 31 Jul, 2020

    What if you don't have any one to call?

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    added on 4 Aug, 2020

    I have no problem in my life. It is just that it seems point less

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    added on 23 Aug, 2020

    yes depressed😭😭 qurantine

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    added on 14 Sep, 2020

    What happens when your at a 1 for almost a year and you have nonsupport in anyway ….. family and friends have gone and drs tell me their is a two year wait min … do I fix myself

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