How Writing This Blog Helped with My Trauma Recovery

I remember when I first found Psych Central. I was lost. Scared. Searching. And it felt like a space of instant support. Shortly thereafter, I began writing this blog series. And I’ve never felt more honored. 

For almost two years, this blog has served as a space to help me process my struggles. My emotions. The things that were happening to me. That have happened to me. It has given me purpose at a time I was struggling to see myself. It has helped me find my voice. 

Writing this blog has been a lifeline. A connection to others during even my darkest times. And it was all because of you. 

You allowed me to share my stories with you. And by reading your comments, receiving your emails, hearing your stories of strength — I found the courage to keep fighting. And to keep writing. 

I must admit, I am quite saddened to see Psych Central go. A little heartbroken, even. But as my trauma recovery has taught me, one thing ending always leaves space for something new to begin. 

So cheers to new beginnings, Readers. It’s been an absolute pleasure. If you’d like to continue on our journey together (and I hope you do), please visit my website and join my mailing list to keep receiving my stories. I am also in the process of posting all of my previous Psych Central blogs to my website. 

I wish you light and love on your journey to heal. Thank you for being such a constant in my life. 

All My Best,

Jenna Grace 


For more information on why Psych Central will no longer be, read here

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