Live Online Psychology classes for civil service examination

Beautiful Mind IAS has been offering live online classes of psychology for civil service examination. Inspired by the success of Mittali Sethi, Rank 56, CSE 2016 who was a working candidate far away from Delhi in Pudduchery , we started giving the classes for the full course at par with our classroom program. Several students in India and studying abroad have joined our classes from there and given interview in CSE 2017. More details are available on our website
Arun Kumar
M.Sc ( Psy), UGC(NET), Research &Training Exp: 15+
Founder & Faculty: Beautiful Mind-IAS
Personal Guidance Institute for IAS Examination
Mentor of CSE – Rankers 10,11, 16,18, 27., 56, 80, 85 & more website :

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    added on 20 Apr, 2018

    This coaching has been a big change of my perspective about psychology …. best way to learn without wastage of tym

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    added on 21 Apr, 2018

    The best coaching for psychology optional.

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    added on 10 Aug, 2018

    Sir, If one cannot attend the live classes, will the recorded classes be made available??

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    added on 23 Oct, 2018

    Sir how can I join live classes

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    added on 3 Feb, 2019

    Beautiful mind coaching provides an effective approach for the civil service exam. And the methodology adopted are very simple. I have personally benefited from this coaching . And the classes are very much interactive.

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    added on 3 Feb, 2019

    Very reliable and convenient for those who can't afford high cost of living in Delhi

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    added on 3 Feb, 2019

    Highly recommended for those students who are not from Psychology or humanities background. Classes are very engaging and interactive.

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    added on 3 Feb, 2019

    Convenient and interactive psychology online classes. Guidance given sir is apt and communicated in simple language. No psychology background required. Best to go forward with for the aspirants having interest in psychology.

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    added on 5 Feb, 2019

    Interactive one…classes will give a clear and basic picture about psychology.

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