Media Violence; Psychology

a short psychology film about media violence and its effects on behaviour

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    added on 25 Jul, 2010

    @Nefa05 thankyou! 🙂

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    added on 27 Jan, 2011

    Simpsons an adult cartoon? I think you'll find its a family programme.
    The point of the video is to illustrate the influences that television can cause, not just the influences that kids TV can cause.
    It was homework for a psychology class. Lighten up!

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    added on 13 Feb, 2011

    What is "aggressive behavior". Is that actual violence or somethign else. I've heard that in some studies they counted children raising their voices and arguing over who gets what toy as "aggressive behavior".

    Also the bobo doll experiment was pure bunk, of course when you show a child a film of adults beating up on a doll and they put the kid in with the same doll and surprise, surprise the kid beat it up. That completely ignores factors like parenting in child development.

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    added on 13 Feb, 2011

    I don't want to pick on emmaspif here but look at the real world results to see the flaw in this argument. Violence in TV, movies, and video games has skyrocketed in the past 20 years and if the Bobo experiment was accurate then there should have been a massive spike in violent crime.

    The opposite is true, violent crime has gone down since then. Kids shows in Japan like Dragonball have much more violence than shows here in the US but their crime rate is a fraction of ours.

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    added on 17 Feb, 2011

    @majordbag : it was an a level psychology project to demonstrate media violence. no need to read into it so much!!

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    added on 18 Feb, 2011

    Violence in the real world is not a product of violence in the media. Violence in the media is a result of violence in the real world. Media is expression, not mind control.

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    added on 23 Aug, 2011

    the cartoon presented here are intended for grown up audiences

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    added on 12 Dec, 2011

    @mynick7777 and u are a jack ass

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    added on 4 Jan, 2012

    @mynick7777 always nice to have the lovely feedback 🙂

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    added on 30 Sep, 2013

    I just couldn't stand the music!

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    added on 25 Mar, 2016

    Sarah sumpter Zhang judge

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    added on 8 Apr, 2017

    btw the effect was mostly on pre schoolers obviously

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    added on 16 Oct, 2017

    Emma, I used this video as a reference for a school based assessment which in Jamaica is a very big deal for my external examinations so could you please re upload this please. it's gonna affect my grade. This was a very good addition to my project and I've done three reflections using this video.Please

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