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Dr. Anita Somerwell


Dr. Anita Somerwell, who has acquired her Doctorate in Christian Counselling, University of Jerusalem, Chennai, is another beautifully talented and efficient individual. Teaching has been her overriding obsession and it can be evinced from her vast experience as a teacher and professor in various esteemed organizations. She possesses a plethora of skills and abilities in various spheres like teaching, leadership, management, counselling, and effective communications, etc. She has also attended seminars on Career Guidance and Psychological Assessment, Skilling of Persons with Multiple Disabilities, which have stood to benefit her immensely. Her list of academic qualifications will most certainly hold her in good stead and help her to reach the zenith of her profession, rapidly. Needless to add, her achievements and credentials will blow one’s breath away, beyond the pale of any doubt.