Our Team

Dr. Arputhanesan S

Counsellor, Chennai Corporation AIDS Prevention and Control Society

Dr. Arputhanesan, Counsellor, Chennai Corporation AIDS Prevention and Control Society, is another invaluable and indispensable asset to Counselling Chennai with superb credentials and many great accomplishments under his belt. He’s an enthusiastic, charming and street smart individual. His core competency is his unique ability to strike an instantaneous rapport with people of all hues. He has attended many workshops on Psychological Assessment, Counselling Needs in Indian Context, Current Trends in HRD and Counselling Psychology, Media and Mental Illness, etc., which has helped him to make rapid strides in his chosen field of professional endeavour. He has also undergone training programmes in Basic Counselling Training, Refresher Counselling Training on Counselling in HIV/AIDS, etc., and has also conducted training programmes on Soft Skills, Life Skills, Study Skills and Personality Development, etc., which has immensely benefitted him, professionally. He is a charming individual with an unflappable equipoise and ready wit and humour to boot.