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Mrs. Ayesha Haroon

P.hd Scholar in Applied Psychology in JBAS College

Ayesha Haroon is a doctoral research scholar in Applied Psychology in JBAS college for women affiliated to University of Madras. Her bachelors and master’s in psychologywere from University of Madras. She has alsobeen awarded a master’s degree in English from Acharya Nagarjuna University, which she pursued due to her interest in the research area of psychology and second language learning. She has also worked as a Psychologist and Soft Skills trainer for tertiary level students at KL University. She used to train thestudents appearing for campus recruitment drives, in psychological perspectives, pertaining to interview skills. Her passion to train the students lead to the research in communication apprehension, which is interdisciplinary in nature (Psychology and English Language Teaching). Her research work focused on assessing the effectiveness of psychological intervention to alleviate the anxiety experienced by the students during communication or even in the anticipation of communication across different contexts.