Our Team

Dr. Swaminathan Sabesan

Positive Psychologist and EQi Coach

Dr.Swaminathan Sabesan is a consultant positive psychologist and an EQi coach from an applied behavioral science background. He is a doctorate in psychology along with a post-doctoral diploma in training and development. His pre-doctoral specializations include counseling psychology and organizational behavior. He also holds a Masters Degree in Education.
He has more than 28 years of professional experience that includes teaching, research, assessment, facilitation, counseling, mentoring and coaching. He has had the distinct privilege of working closely with more than 75 CEOs and CXOs in the recent years and has helped them in achieving their developmental goals.
Dr.Sabesan is known for his uncanny understanding of the unique complexities and challenges of human behavior.Dr.Sabesan’s core expertise lies in dexterously connecting the dots of various sources of data emanated from different psychometric tests as well as 360-degree assessment and raise self-awareness of his clients both on their strengths and developmental areas in his assignments. His signature strength lies in empowering his clients to think differently and act positively through feed forward developmental conversations.