Our Team

Mrs. Meherunissa

Psychologist,Mindfulness Practitioner, Assistant professor of Psychology, JBAS COLLEGE FOR WOMEN.

Mrs. S. Meherunissa, Assistant Professor in Psychology, Department of Applied Psychology, JBAS College for Women, is another capable and dynamic individual with a splendid track record, exceptional credentials and sterling capacities and immense potential to her credit. Her vast experience, professionally, will no doubt go a very long way in empowering the youth to develop their hidden talents and abilities to the hilt. As an excellent teacher, she has handled complex and intricate subjects like Personality Development, Organizational Behaviour, Behaviour Modification, Training and Development, etc., with great competency and efficiency. She has also compiled many research papers and dissertations and attended workshops on Learning Disability, Teaching and Technology, Entrepreneurship Development Skills, etc., which amply proves that she is a lady of many parts. Her list of accomplishments are indeed mind blowing and staggering.