Our Team

Mr. Nizamudhin

Founder, Veni Vidi, Vici school, Counselling Psychologist.

Mr. Nizamudin, he is a counselling Psychologist, researcher, writer, social activist, writer, professional orator, motivational speaker and a life skills trainer.He has his bachelor degree in Psychology and Master’s in Counselling Psychology. With over 7 years of experience in training people of all demographics ranging from adolescents to geriatrics from the slums to handling professionals from Rotary and Lions club at international level programs and over 11 years of experience in public speaking grabbing 25 awards.He has provided 650+ training programs and trained more than 2 lakhs people in his career.   He is well equipped to awe any kind of crowd with his skills. He was also the leader of opposition party in Yuva Parliament 2017 at IIM, Rohtak. He has also worked on 6 research papers and published them in the  International Journal of Social Studies. He is an avid women empowerment activist who has worked on several training programs for women self-groups in Chennai.He was the sergeant at arms of Rotaract club of Madras Central during 2016-2017.He was the treasurer of Rotaract club of Madras central during 2017-2018.He was the president of Leo club of chennaipattinam in RGNIYD during 2016-2018.In both Rotaract and Lions Club, he has organized various social awareness programs and workshops.He was the top scorer in RI district 3230 in the project C2C (Communicate to Change).He is a motivational speaker and handles sessions on premarital counseling,life skills, leadership, personality development and Geriatric counselling.