Our Team

Mrs. Padma

Founder Director of Sittara Centre, Self Discovery

Mrs. Padma, she is a trained Professional Counsellor with 29 years experience in Educational, Adolescent and Child Counselling. I have held important posts in establishing and running the entire counselling services of some very reputed International Schools in India. Trained by International Professionals in modern theoretical pedagogical theories she is  an exponent of TA and the Arts Integrated Learning programs. She is  also a trained teacher of Higher Level Psychology and TOK for the International Baccalaureate Diploma course and am an UGC NET Scholar for Masters Level Teaching. She have been on the committees to plan and structure the Psychology Curriculum of the Senior Secondary School and its teaching towards the award of the IB Diploma and the ISC Board of India. She head an Institution called “Sittara”, a Center of Self Discovery that focuses on Counselling and outreach training modules for students of all ages. At Sittara, She run Certificate programs in Art Therapy  and Special Education. Regular workshops on life skills and psychological reviews are held with the aim to share hands-on experience to Masters students of Psychology.