Our Team

Dr. Ragitha Radhakrishnan

Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Psychology, Dr. MGR-Janaki College for Women, Chennai.

Dr.Ragitha Radhakrishnan, Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Psychology, Dr.M.G.R.Janaki College, is an  excellent and invaluable addition to our team which is top heavy with Superb Professionals. She is an excellent student with impeccable academic achievements and has a splendid array of many awards and accomplishments under her belt. Her niche area of interests include Positive Psychology, Disability Psychology, Indian Psychology and Research Methodology etc., just to mention a few. Her core competencies are communication skills. leadership qualities, presentation skills, punctuality and discipline. That she is a lady of many parts can be ascertained from the fact that she has played various and differing roles in her career with distinction and to perfection. She has conducted and taken part in many workshops, and published many research papers, which incontrovertibly proves that she is a professional of rare merit. And altruist by nature, she is willing to employ her skills and expertise for the uplift of the individual and society at large.