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Thiru Ravisankar

Retd. Joint Director, FSD of Tamil Nadu

Thiru Ravisankar is the Forensic Scientist from the Forensic Sciences Department of Tamil Nadu.He was Graduated in Chemistry and did post graduation, Msc. Forensic science. He served in the department for 35 years in various capacities in the hierarchical order of Scientific assistant, Scientific officer, Assistant director, Deputy director and finally retired as Joint director.Earlier to the public service he had been served in pesticide and pharmaceutical industries as quality control analyst in the respective field.During his tenure in forensic department he served as analytical chemist in laboratories and crime scene visiting officer as a field work and also as an administrative officer in elevated ranks. He severed in various police districts of the state and covered more than 5000 crime scene visits. Thus assisting the police investigating officers in collecting material evidences, documenting and forwarding the exhibits to the Forensic laboratories of the respective region. His service was found widely useful in deduction of the various crimes of property offences like dacoity, robbery, burglary, and bodily offences of murder, murder for gain, sexual offences and also miscellaneous cases like explosion, arson, fire incidents, fire arm cases, road traffic etc.,In many of the cases besides collecting physical evidences his role of reconstruction of the crime  scene was much helpful for the successful deduction of the cases also including deposing evidence in courts of law. He has been trained in handling explosives. He also under went arson and fire incident cases at Delhi and NABL ( National Accreditation Board For Testing And Calibration Laboratories).He imported various programs for the trainee officials from Police, Judicial officers and Revenue Officers and continuous to be an active consultant as and when needed by the officers .