Pain Psychology

Chronic pain is real, and the link between physical and emotional pain is greater than you might think. Pain psychologists can provide options to assist primary care physicians and their patients.

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    added on 12 Dec, 2017

    tru nigga

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    added on 6 Aug, 2019

    Hello I need a genuine opinion here. A friend of mine says that psychological pain is equivalent to physical pain and can be healed in the same manner. They equate getting stabbed by a knife and the bodys healing process as being the same as healing from psychological pain from essential someone being an unprincipled person towards you, I mean highly highly unprincipled where they ruin ones reputation, using ones weaknesses against them etc.

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    added on 27 Sep, 2019

    How do you know if the pain is psychogenic or if it's telling you that there is something wrong?

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    added on 5 Nov, 2019

    I am always gonna be a Black American Christian Woman, living single or married. Why should this happiness bother anyone else? 🙂😝

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    added on 25 Dec, 2019

    You can end up being too good at handling pain. Over the last 52 years of my 62 years of life, I have had to endure an enormous amount of pain and suffering via a variety of physical problems. But there is a limit to how much you can handle. Today, I may end up in an accident and let's say that led to a nasty bashing of my left shin, and there is a lot of bleeding and bruising. As soon as I would feel pain of that level, or more, in a matter of seconds I fight back and suppress the pain at least 90%. But it does not stop there. The next day, I will have absolutely no memory of the event at all. If I then happen to see the blood and or bruising a day or days later, I immediately wonder what the heck happened, and how and when it had happened. A couple of more days will have to pass by before I will be able to recall the event itself.

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    added on 22 Jul, 2020

    Pain is delightful, as it's leaving.

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