Positives During The Coronavirus Lockdown

I’m back again with this month’s positives during Coronavirus lockdown. It’s been a positive month overall, and I’d love to hear your positives in the comments as always.

My parents visiting

Now that lockdown rules have eased somewhat, my parents were able to come and stay in a self-catering cottage near us, so that we could meet up with them. It’s the first time we’ve been able to see them since before lockdown, and it was fantastic to see them in person rather than just on a screen (as grateful as I am for video calls). We had lots of outdoor, socially distanced meetups. The weather even stayed nice for us most of the time. Our dogs were extremely excited to see them too which was lovely to see.

Time spent with my mother in law and partner

We’ve also been able to meet up with my mother in law and her partner a couple of times outdoors (socially distanced of course). It’s been really amazing to see them more and be able to catch up. I’m very grateful for moments with family.

An amazing weekend away

We’ve just gotten back from a wonderful weekend away in the middle of nowhere. It was a couple of hours south from us but still within Scotland (we prefer to stay within Scotland even before lockdown, as it’s such a beautiful country). We went to the countryside to stay in a cottage, truly away from everything and everyone. We didn’t see another person the whole time we were there and it was heavenly! We did tons of amazing hiking right from our door and our dogs didn’t have to be on a lead at all! What a stark but welcome contrast from the city we’re used to. We saw beautiful views and plenty of wildlife. We even got to see eagles, goshawks, wild rabbits, swallows, lots of small birds, and a kestrel! What a privilege.

Even rainy weather didn’t dampen our spirits, or take away from the stunning views! At night we were able to snuggle up near a real wood fire and enjoy the peace and quiet. I did some reading, we cooked some lovely meals, and we were able to unwind and really relax. There was even a garden for the dogs (which we’re not used to). It was such a beautiful place and we will be certain to return when we’re able. It’s our idea of a perfect holiday.



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