The following practicals are to be conducted by the learners:
• Intelligence Testing (Bhatia Battery)
• Personality Testing (16 PF)
• Test for Social Behaviour (Vineland Social Maturity Scale)
• Family Pathology Scale
• Sociometry
• Problem Behaviour Checklist 6
• Span of Attention Experiment
• Memory Experiment

All eight practicals are to be conducted by the learner in the psychology laboratory. Out of the above eight practicals, five practicals are to be written in the proper format (as given in the lab
manual) in a practical notebook. This notebook is to be assessed by the concerned academic counsellor. Actual conduction of practicals and reporting it in a practical notebook (internal assessment) carries 50% weightage and the term ends practical examination including viva- voce (external assessment) carries 50% weightage. The internal and external assessment will be in terms of marks which will later be converted into grades.

Disclaimer: This content doesn’t belong to me. Mine intend to upload this video to Psychology Students to get an idea how practical ought to happen.


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    can we choose any 5 or specific 5 practicals have to be written

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    Ma'am please verbal intelligence test bhi upload krdo

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    How to get the practical I am writing the exam in December so when will I receive the practicals??

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    Please please please mam can send vineland practical with all vms please on my mail I'd

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