President’s Message



“Isn’t it to share your bread with the hungry, and to bring the homeless poor into your house; when you see the naked, to cover him with clothing, and not to raise yourself up from your own flesh and blood?” Isaiah 58:7

Psychology is the science of Sciences. Why? We are all slaves to our senses, slaves to our own minds, conscious and subconscious. The reason why a criminal is a criminal is not because he desires to be one, but because he has not his mind under control and is therefore a slave to his own conscious and subconscious mind, and to the mind of everybody else. He must follow the dominant trend of his own mind; he cannot help it; he is forced onward in spite of himself, in spite of his own better promptings, his own better nature; he is forced to obey the dominant mandate of his own mind. Poor man, he cannot help himself. We see this in our own lives constantly. We are constantly doing things against the better side of our nature, and afterwards we upbraid ourselves for so doing and wonder what we could have been thinking of, how we could do such a thing! Yet again and again we do it, and again and again we suffer for it and upbraid ourselves. At the time, perhaps, we think we desire to do it, but we only desire it because we are forced to desire it. We are forced onward, we are helpless! We are all slaves to our own and to everybody else’s mind; whether we are good or bad, that makes no difference. We are led here and there because we cannot help ourselves. We say we think, we do, etc. It is not so. We think because we have to think. We act because we have to. We are slaves to ourselves and to others. Deep down in our subconscious mind are stored up all the thoughts and acts of the past, not only of this life, but of all other lives we have lived. This great boundless ocean of subjective mind is full of all the thoughts and actions of the past. Each one of these is striving to be recognised, pushing outward for expression, surging, wave after wave, out upon the objective mind, the conscious mind. These thoughts, the stored-up energy, we take for natural desires, talents, etc. It is because we do not realise their true origin. We obey them blindly, unquestioningly; and slavery, the most helpless kind of slavery, is the result; and we call ourselves free. Free! We who cannot for a moment govern our own minds, nay, cannot hold our minds on a subject, focus it on a point to the exclusion of everything else for a moment! Yet we call ourselves free. Think of it! We cannot do as we know we ought to do even for a very short space of time. Some sense-desire will crop up, and immediately we obey it. Our conscience smites us for such weakness, but again and again we do it, we are always doing it. We cannot live up to a high standard of life, try as we will. The ghosts of past thoughts, past lives hold us down. All the misery of the world is caused by this slavery to the senses. Our inability to rise above the sense-life — the striving for physical pleasures, is the cause of all the horrors and miseries in the world.

It is the science of psychology that teaches us to hold in check the wild gyrations of the mind, place it under the control of the will, and thus free ourselves from its tyrannous mandates. Psychology is therefore the science of sciences, without which all sciences and all other knowledge are worthless.

To control the mind, we must go deep down into the subconscious mind, classify and arrange all the different impressions, thoughts, etc., stored up there in order, and control them. This is the first step. By the control of the subconscious mind, we get control over the conscious.

We psychologists use scientific research to better understand how people learn, interpret events and make decisions. We then translate that knowledge into techniques to help people make smarter choices in their daily lives. Based on a deep knowledge of how lifestyles are affected by factors related to biology, mental processes, and social relationships and interactions, we identify and help people overcome the obstacles that inhibit them from making better choices, from exercising more or working more efficiently to using technology safely. We use psychological science to help people tap into their potential and help them perform at an optimal level, and of course, to help them gain control over their subconscious mind.

By establishing our centre ‘Counselling Chennai’, we psychologists, have joined hands to make the world a better place. We believe in the upliftment of every individual in our society. Every individual has the potential to attain the best version of himself/herself and we sincerely want to help them achieve it. As psychologists, we respect individual differences and believe that each person is unique and contribute to the society in their own way. Our practices are firmly bound by the Ethical Framework of Practice and the Disciplinary Code of Conduct. We sincerely hope to bring a positive change in the lives of people.


Dr. Joseph Washington (President)