Progressive Psychology of Resistance

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Some Toughts (5)

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    added on 27 Sep, 2020

    Morning dave.

  2. Avatar
    added on 27 Sep, 2020

    Today’s ECT is not the crude ECT that was performed years ago. It’s beneficial for people with bipolar 2. I understand your point. I just don’t want people to be scared off by bc ECT still has a stigma attached. I still enjoy show Dave.

  3. Avatar
    added on 27 Sep, 2020

    "I'm mad as Hell, and,,,
    I'm not gonna take it NO MORE" !

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    added on 27 Sep, 2020

    ECT shocks a person but destroys neutrons causing memory loss and the more a person has this type of treatment the less they remember. Sound good?

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    added on 27 Sep, 2020

    the dollar will lose 2/3 of its' value by the end of oct. if I lose 2/3 of my military/private pensions, I would lose my trucks and probably my home. it has a reverse mortgage with no payments until after death, but not enough income to pay utilities/upkeep/insurance, so they would foreclose. maybe I should bugout now before SHTF and the dollar falls. better move my aircraft out before they get seized or fuel disappears as the ammo did.

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