Psych Careers Ep.2 – German to British Psychologist & CBT trainee | #AikaAsks

This week I’ve interviewed my good friend Josefine on her journey from moving from Germany to England. After finally gaining her registration in the UK as both a clinical and counselling psychologist, she is now training as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist within the NHS. In this video she gives tips on the equivalency process and loving the journey over the goal.

Grab a cuppa and hope you enjoy!


0:12 Introduction to Josefine
0:56 Journey in Germany and psychology degree
2:19 Decision to move to the UK + research assistant in the UK
3:12 Decision to stay in the uk + support worker
6:23 Becoming an assistant psychologist in the UK
6:38 Journey for English equivalency for counselling/clinical psychologist
8:18 Decision to continue journey through CBT training in the UK
10:16 Reflections on CBT training course so far

11:07 What made you choose the UK? And would you go to any other country (e.g. back to Germany)?
11:49 What were the best and worst parts of getting the psychologist equivalency?
12:42 Snippet of how the HCPC practitioner psychologist guidelines look like
13:35 Is it possible to do the doctorate in the UK if you are already a psychologist in the EU?
17:21 Is it harder for international students to get an AP job in the UK?
18:22 Have you ever had any discrimination from patients/team due to not being British?
18:55 How does the system to get mental health support in Germany differ to the UK?

21:38 What is the main difference between Clinical and Counselling? For more information on this please watch this lovely video by GetPsyched
23:50 Was it hard to get on the High Intensity CBT course without being a PWP?
24:49 What’s the best way to prepare for an interview for Counselling/Clinical/Assistant Psychologist?
25:59 What makes someone more inclined to do CBT OR Counselling/Clinical Psychology?
26:43 Which one is the easier route – being a CBT therapist or Clinical Psychologist?
28:38 Does someone have to be a psychologist to become a Family Therapist?


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Some Toughts (5)

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    added on 23 Aug, 2020

    Thanks for the great videos! Just wondering if there's any books you would recommend reading for someone with an interest in pursuing psychology🧡

  2. Avatar
    added on 24 Aug, 2020

    I have my first mental health assistant interview soon! Do you have any good advice? 😀 Love your videos btw!

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    added on 24 Aug, 2020

    Hey, you mention about a link to a counselling psychology channel in the description. I'm interested in it but you've not put the link up yet. Would you? Please please please 😀

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    added on 24 Aug, 2020

    Hi Aika! Thanks for this helpful video. I was wondering if you could make a youtube video/insta post on how you wrote your personal statement that got you in to Oxford? Thank you!!

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    added on 27 Aug, 2020

    Hi , I have I question in regarding psych undergrad. Would psych be a good degree to study/pursue if you are only intellectually interested by it , rather than from a position to help people ? My other alternative is, like you said , choose a degree that has transferrable skills ( Cs in my case ) and probably read about psych on the Side . But this leads me to another question : (In your opinion) is it better to study psych as a degree and become skill full at coding on the side , or is it better to do Computer science and read about psych on the side . I know its very relative and might be hard to answer so any thoughts are welcome , thanks a lot!!!

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