Psychological Tips to Stay Focused on your Goals

These are some psychological tips to stay focused on your goals.

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So what are psychological tips?

These are things that you can do mentally or sometimes physically changing your environment. Things like that in order to keep you focused on your goals because everything takes such a long time, and if you can’t stay focused on your goals over a long period of time like I’m talking years if not decades.

And I don’t even think I could say decades because I haven’t been working on anything for a full decade.
But the business that I’m in right now – our marketing agency has been going for six years.

I’ve been pursuing marketing and stuff around that for like eight or nine years.

And I’ve been able to stay focused the entire time, and what’s crazy is I used to be terrible at quitting early.

I even had this blog post that I wrote back in college, and it was called the 21-day challenge.

And basically, what I had done is I had analyzed when I quit all of my past projects because I used to have such a problem of writing down a goal and then not being able to fulfill it.

And I realized that always around the 21-day mark is when I would burn out and I would stop, and I’d quit the goal.

So the 21-day challenge was meant to boil the goals down into 21-day chunks so that I wouldn’t quit.

That’s how bad of an issue with quitting.

I had if I didn’t finish a project in 21 days, I would burn out and never touch it again.

But that’s not useful for business or life or really anything that you want to grow.

You’re not going to have a successful relationship in 21 days.

You’re not going to have a multi-million dollar business in 21 days.

You might be able to set the base for those things, but you’re not going to be able to sustain them in 21 days. You need to be able to stay focused on your goals in the long term, and I tried everything to fix the not quitting thing – making long lists, just trying to push through it, grinding hustling, and yet I would just quit it.

Just nothing was really working no matter what I was trying, but now you can see I’ve been running businesses for half a decade, I’ve been doing youtube videos three a week for six years (talk about consistency), and staying focused on my goals.

And I’ve been consistently getting better at my hobbies – art, movies, all the stuff that I’ve been doing in the background this whole time when I’m not doing business.

All of that has been improving, and I’m still working on it, and it’s all still happening, so how am i so hyper-focused now when I used to be so frazzled back then what changed? huh?

Here are four ways I’m able to stay focused on my goals that you can also implement if you want.

Let’s jump into it.




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    added on 25 Sep, 2020

    I bought your course it is really great .

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    Alex, many times your messages are so right on I think you’re watching me on my computer camera or you’re a psychic. LOL

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    added on 25 Sep, 2020

    Great tips

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    This has become my favorite channel. Thanks for your content Alex!

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    added on 26 Sep, 2020

    Awesome video and information. I always enjoy your content.
    Goals are a big part of my business also.

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