Psychology and Creativity

An brief overview of how Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow relate to creativity.

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    added on 25 Oct, 2015

    Really good and helpful video!

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    added on 22 Aug, 2016

    Peggy — (I feel I can call you by your first name  'cause I am a great deal older than you are.)Would you please find time (teacher's schedule) to comment on the ideas contained in the Web-Site: is a piece written for young people, college level — and the reason for my attempt at animation (I'll do anything to bring these ideas to the openness of mindful thought).This is newness — psychologists beware — the challenge is on.Re:  your YouTube piece:  "PSYCHOLOGY & CREATIVITY"  — Please allow me a rightful place in your thoughts, as, in the 1970's, I exchanged notes (one) with Abraham Maslow.  This was in regards to the strange experience that fell upon me and the reason for the Web-Site and the subtitle:  "WE CHALLENGE THE "LION" TO A RACE".Thank you.

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