Psychology and Economics | How & How NOT to Do Economics with Robert Skidelsky

To the non-economist the most striking fact about economics is the crudeness of its psychology. That’s because, for the economist, homo sapiens is homo economicus, or the human robot.

In this sixth lecture in INET’s “How and How Not to Do Economics,” Robert Skidelsky looks at economics’ relationship with psychology.

INET sincerely thanks the Julis-Rabinowitz Family for their generous support, who named this series to honor the spirit of a great educator and economic thinker, Uwe Reinhardt.

For nearly 50 years, the late Uwe Reinhardt was a beloved economist and professor at Princeton University. Known best for helping to shape critical discourse around healthcare markets, his biting wit and intellect challenged students, colleagues, and policymakers alike to follow the data and to check all assumptions at the door.

INET also thanks Rethinking Economics for their voices and contributions.

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Some Toughts (6)

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    added on 29 Sep, 2019

    Let’s be honest there are quite a few economists running around with Phd’s who haven’t found employment.

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    added on 17 Oct, 2019

    Economics deals with multiple levels of human interaction, the personal and the social. Looking more and more closely at the brain is not going to tell us anything about economics at the level of social dynamics… and neither will game theory. In some cultures, material goods are given away as a way to garner social status. After the protestant reformation, displays of wealth, were considered sign of being God's chosen. So greed was sanctioned. To understand economics we must consider embedded meaning of our actions. I may forgo a very good sale on something I need, in order to afford something my child needs. Sociology, Social psychology, Anthropology as well as psychology are seriously needed here.

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    added on 22 Dec, 2019

    what is the point of the presence of the students if they are not contributing to a discussion, but merely listening to the professor read a text about the topic of "discussion" ! sad

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    added on 4 Jan, 2020

    This is white psychology

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    added on 25 Jan, 2020

    Did he say they should send more time on their thesis, or faeces?

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    added on 22 Jul, 2020

    3:31: if this is not a strawman, then I would like someone to cite one economist who has seriously defended such an idea. In my 4 years of economic education, I have never come across one.

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