Psychology Association Inauguration 2020 | CHRIST (Deemed to be the University)

The Psychology Association is proud to present the inaugural video. Given the COVID-19 pandemic and the social distancing norms, we, at the Association have decided to go digital. From fun activities to interesting debates, we bring it all to your homes. The inaugural video is our first step into this digital journey filled with uncertainty (and also, excitement). The video provides brief details on the plans we have for the year 2020-2021, and also introduces you to the people behind the show: The core team. You can find more details (and fun) on our social media handles that are listed below. Remember, you don’t need Ids to enter this party! Don’t forget to Like, Share and Subscribe for more Freudian quips!

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Our team:

Aakriti Chaudhary (MPCO)
Akanksh Sharma (MPCL)
Anika Garg (MAEDP)
Devlina Bhattacharjee (JPEng)
Elsa Maria Phillip (MPHR)
Ishani Shenoy (PEP)
Kasturi D (MPHR)
Manasi Udgirkar (CEP)
Patricia Sara Chacko (MAEDP)
Pooja Anbu (PSEco)
Saachi Maheshwari (TEP)
Samyukta Vishnubhotla (MPCO)
Shalaka Bangad (MPE)
Sudipthaa Paraman (MPHRG)
Sukanya Varma (PSEng)
Tanya Gupta (MPCL)

Advisory Council:

Srishti Ravi Kumar (MPHR)
Avinash (CEP)
Shagun Attri (JPEng)

A special thanks to the photographers:

Rishi.M.Rajesh (PSEng batch of 2020)
Sanjana Muthukuri (PSEng)
Amrit Varma (Bcom)
Pooja Rajkumari (PSEng Batch of 2020)
Anarghya (CEP)
Manu Jose (Rajagiri)
Sravya (PSEco)

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