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Psychology As A Career: Psychology is the study of human behavior and mental processes. Psychologists study a person’s reactions, emotions, and behavior, and apply their understanding of that behavior to treat the associated behavioral problems. Today you will know all about psychology major and the best colleges for psychology by our career counsellor Jitin Chawla.

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Some Toughts (29)

  1. Avatar
    added on 15 May, 2020

    Sir please take a session on forensic science and forensic psychology

  2. Avatar
    added on 26 May, 2020

    Please suggest some of the best Universities in India that offers Master in I O psychology.

  3. Avatar
    added on 30 May, 2020

    What about forensic psychology?

  4. Avatar
    added on 7 Jun, 2020

    Is there a scope of DU masters degree in psycho and is phd really req to be a clinical psychologist?

  5. Avatar
    added on 2 Jul, 2020

    Sir i dont have physcology in arts stream i have geography so can i pursue in carrer in physcology.

  6. Avatar
    added on 6 Jul, 2020

    Sir plz suggest some good universities for organisation psychology in canada. And can one get campus placements in canada for it.

  7. Avatar
    added on 17 Jul, 2020

    sir i scored 84% can i get Du for Ba psychology?

  8. Avatar
    added on 17 Jul, 2020

    Do u guide for physically disable students

  9. Avatar
    added on 21 Jul, 2020

    Sir i am very confuse what to choose after 12 (PCB). Sir pls help me bcz i don't want to waste this year.

  10. Avatar
    added on 26 Jul, 2020

    My daughter got a admission in bsc Psychology in SDNBV Vaishnava college
    Is this a reganined institute
    How to check?

  11. Avatar
    added on 27 Jul, 2020

    I'm a medical aspirant and am going to give NEET exam for the second time this year. But at this point of time my self analysis has several times given me answer. It wouldn't b going good for me.
    As for pursuing psychology from a renowned university a good percentage is required ,for me it was 75%in 12th last year.
    Should i go for biotechnology or bsc honors and then pursue psychology as career option.waiting for ur reply sir

  12. Avatar
    added on 30 Jul, 2020

    Sir I am in 11 th and I am getting interest in medical but my science basic of 9th and 10th are very poor I got 60% marks in science can I study medical in 11 and 12

  13. Avatar
    added on 1 Aug, 2020

    Hello sir
    I'm from army public school noida
    Currently I'm in 12 and I have humanities and hoping a career in psychology but I'm little confused in regards of required percentage for university entrance exam and the money required to go outside India and have a career in counseling psychology.
    Please help me
    Ty sir

  14. Avatar
    added on 3 Aug, 2020

    My Friend completed B.A Political Science distance education and he wants to do M.Sc Psychology Distance education,after M.Sc Psychology,Can he become an Psychologist..?

  15. Avatar
    added on 8 Aug, 2020

    Sir I am in my 12th grade, I have pcmb without psychology, and hope to pursur epsychology. Sir will it be any better if I choose to my bachelor's abroad?

  16. Avatar
    added on 14 Aug, 2020

    How to become a neuropsychopath?

  17. Avatar
    added on 16 Aug, 2020

    Plz tell about college name in Rajasthan for this

  18. Avatar
    added on 19 Aug, 2020

    If I do ba hons in psychology and ma in clinical psychology from India(Delhi university) can I do phD in clinical psychology from USA and practice there only? Will they recognize my degrees?

  19. Avatar
    added on 28 Aug, 2020

    Sir kindly make a video telling us about best universities for psychology all over the world.

  20. Avatar
    added on 30 Aug, 2020

    Sir I need a proper Career guidance may I get to know how will I able to contact you?

  21. Avatar
    added on 7 Sep, 2020

    Sir I'm doing bsc from biology…But I want to make career in psychology as it is an interesting and respected field! Can I still do it?

  22. Avatar
    added on 9 Sep, 2020

    Sir plz make video on best psychology collage in Madhya Pradesh

  23. Avatar
    added on 10 Sep, 2020

    Hlo sir i hve done Bsc nurning nd Msc in psychiatry i want pursue career in clinical psychology

  24. Avatar
    added on 15 Sep, 2020
    Reply to become a relation psychologist.Is there any special course for the same.

  25. Avatar
    added on 17 Sep, 2020

    what options in abroad do we have for MPHIL in psychology?

  26. Avatar
    added on 19 Sep, 2020

    Sir can we get job after doing bsc in psychology that is without masters degree..

  27. Avatar
    added on 19 Sep, 2020

    Western n European won't allow us to be one because there's huge evil cult they running who are designing touchless torture programs

  28. Avatar
    added on 20 Sep, 2020

    Sir , can you please explain us about the Child Psychology in detail

  29. Avatar
    added on 21 Sep, 2020

    Sir Doing PG in Psychology Regular basis or Ignou ….which is more preferable

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