Psychology class 11th chapter 1 Introduction (1st lecture) why to study and what is Discipline

This video contains class11th psychology chapter 1 introduction part it also contains a brief note on what is discipline.
We will issue series of videos for class 11th & 12th both
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    added on 9 Jul, 2017

    2nd part

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    added on 12 Jul, 2017

    bhai kuch videos aur toh bana ????

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    added on 1 Aug, 2017

    Make more video

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    added on 3 Aug, 2017

    Sir plz Make more videos on class 11 psychology 😊😊

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    added on 9 Aug, 2017

    Please chapter 2 cbse psychology

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    added on 17 Aug, 2017

    Thanks for viewing friends….As i have allready mentioned these 2 videos are just to check , whether i should move ahead or not

    now Im certain , so now more videos will come for sure.

    please do support

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    added on 17 Aug, 2017

    One more thing

    As of this point Im thinking of covering major topics from some chapter..

    Do comments , is it the right Strategy

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    added on 10 Jan, 2018

    Make more videos

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    added on 3 Mar, 2018

    Speak slowing

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    added on 13 Apr, 2018

    Sir kya m rajasthan board me bhi pscyclogy study ker sukti hu 11th me ??? Sir please help me I really need your help…

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    added on 16 Jun, 2018

    You are the best teacher

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    added on 2 Sep, 2018

    Please convert into hindi chapter 1 class 11th

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    added on 13 Sep, 2018

    Ur lectures r best ..

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    added on 16 Sep, 2018

    Yarrr kitna dhere bolte ho had hai….😕

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    added on 22 Sep, 2018

    Speak loudly

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    Sir urdo me lecture den. Plz f.a part 1 . Step to step

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    added on 12 Oct, 2018

    Sir… Plzz increase the volume of the video too..

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    added on 2 Dec, 2018

    Sir hindi me bhi batao

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    added on 14 Jan, 2019

    I like d way u explain wid such examples… Plzzzzz it's been 1 yr or more since u last uploaded… if u read dis Plzzzzz continue d series.

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    added on 25 Jan, 2019

    Kya private studen psycology ly sakhte ha, plssss koi batayenga, is me practicle hute ha kya????

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    added on 17 Sep, 2019

    Sir please Urdu m bih lecture dyn plz plz

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