Psychology of Belief Part 5: Compliance Techniques

Which is more likely? That missionaries generate converts through the power of holy inspiration? Or that missionaries are really clever marketers?

EDIT: Ray’s method here is probably more than just a foot-in-the-door effect. You will also notice a few “door-in-the-face” questions as well. These are designed to elicit an immediate rejection, followed by a lesser concession. See reference #4 at the end for an experimental demonstration of this effect.

Psychological Manipulation:
“Foot in the Door” Persuasion Technique:
“Door in the Face” Persuasion Technique:

TheraminTrees’ on conformity:


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Some Toughts (16)

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    added on 5 Apr, 2012

    Religious leaders don't want to deliver a message, they only want control. Of course it's effective if they have a big stick (hell) and a big carrot (immortality). But both promises are imaginary.

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    added on 5 Apr, 2012

    I really like the narration in the later videos because I mostly listen while I am doing other things. Again, great series!

  3. Avatar
    added on 5 Apr, 2012

    A watermelon doesn't fit very well in our hands, therefore WE'RE ALL ALIENS AND THAT'S PROOF OMG OMG. Haha that banana thing was so dumb.

  4. Avatar
    added on 6 Apr, 2012

    Billy Mays at 6:20

    But wait, there's more! If you subscribe now, you'll also get to see Ray Comfort at 7:11

  5. Avatar
    added on 7 Apr, 2012

    Lmao at the endless rows of apple laptops…

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    added on 7 Apr, 2012

    the accusation of murder is a "Thought Crime" plain an simple..

  7. Avatar
    added on 7 Apr, 2012

    Text book manipulation 🙂

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    added on 12 Apr, 2012

    I use this technique at work, since i actually do statistical surveys on the phone with people.. it's really a lot simpler to do even than portrayed here 🙂

    I can boil it down to this:
    I call you, you pick up saying "hello, this is (your name)"
    i say "hello, i am (my name) from (statistical institute name), is this (phone number)?"

    you say "yes"

    There you go, my foot is in your door, and you are now roughly 20-30~ percent more likely to accept an interview of up to 10 minutes 🙂

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    added on 12 Apr, 2012

    Now, mind you i dont use this technique to trick people into doing something they really don't want to do. Honestly, if that was what i was doing i would do it in telemarketing instead and earn a lot bigger salary.

    No, rather i'm creating a more accepting and consenting atmosphere, and you as the responder can still decline, and when you decline i'll try to ask if it's just because i called at an inconvenient time, and when this is also answered by yes, we arrange to do it later instead 🙂

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    added on 16 Apr, 2012

    Good point, but i that case if you murder just once you are not murderer 🙂

    However I think these names like all professions are temporary if you steal something you are thief for some time. just like with all jobs. if you join police you do not become policeman for life but only when you are at work

    so if you are accused being liar or thief you should respond that you "were" but you are not like that now.

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    added on 17 Apr, 2012

    In that case we should make 2 definitions like "thief in heart" , and plain thief.
    If I am going to murder someone when it will be possible I am murderer in heart, but only when i do that in reality I become murderer.

    Christianity seems to forgive your actions but condemn your desires. It is better if I actually killed someone and don't want to kill anymore than if I have desire to kill but not killed anyone yet.
    I think that idea is quite good.

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    added on 24 Apr, 2012

    dammit i woulda fell for the thats not all technique, yea im a big sucka

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    added on 29 Jun, 2012

    It doesn't make you a murdered to hate someone, but it does put you in a similar psychological state as a murderer. Namely the anger part. What feelings you have about the hatred may very well also be similar to a murderer. It depends largely on what feelings come w/ hatred.

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    added on 21 Sep, 2012

    this series is very informative, a real treasure of explanative resources. And hearing your voice makes it better.

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    added on 10 May, 2015

    Your videos are very insightful. They deserve far more views.

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    added on 11 Sep, 2018

    Wooow, I wouldn't know which error to begin with. The gist of this video is that having a solid set of morals and ethics is considered text book phycological manipulation.

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