Psychology of Islam: Good vs. Evil

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“Archetypes are complexes of experience that come upon us like fate.”
– Carl Jung

In Pt. 3 of our interview with depth psychologist Mansoor Hasan, we speak intimately about the nafs (soul) and its relation with depth psychology through the paradigm of sufism, we also illustrate the archetype of the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) to concretely understand why/how Muslims can use ‘Islam’ (words of the Holy Prophet through Allah/God) for evil or good depending on the nature of their own souls. Gandalf & Saruman from the Lord of the Rings are used as a parallel example on dual archetypes.

Remember, we are speaking about religion from a psychological perspective – this video and the content in it is not meant to offend, but rather inspire dialogue on how the psychic realities we hold (through our respective ideologies) can manifest change/betterment of humanity or dogmatism/hatred. Peace be upon you.

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    added on 28 Sep, 2020

    This is not Islam, it is Gnosticism. Sufism is trying to change and innovate the deen of Allah. Follow The Quran and Sunnah, be saved from Hellfire.

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