Psychology To Get An Ex Back | My #1 Biggest Secret!

In today’s video, you’re going to learn the biggest secret to getting an ex back! The psychology to get an ex back is important. Most of the time you will focus on love, feelings, couple, relationship, etc.– all of these words that put pressure on yourself. Men and women who were able to get back with their love in the past opened up a new page in the relationship.
The most important question you need to ask yourself is: “How can I make sure that I have changed forever or how can I make sure that I will never make this mistake again?”

You have to prove that you have changed every aspect of your life- be it personal or professional. The first tip to consider is to also ask yourself, “how will this break up change my life forever– not just my relationship?” Because when you respond to this question, I can guarantee that will change the process of attraction– which is the starting point to growing in a relationship. Watch this video to learn more tips on the psychology of getting an ex back!

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My name is Coach Alex and welcome to Love Advice TV. We want to give you at home all the tips and tools and resources you may need to see the change you want in your relationships. We offer these free videos to help you rebuild a connection with the person that you love the very most.

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Our Mission is to help people find happiness in love and to provide individuals and couples with the communication tools and relevant techniques to be together in healthy sustainable relationships.
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Some Toughts (23)

  1. Avatar
    added on 17 May, 2020

    What if he's emotionally detached easily or unavailable? How can there be any emotions?

  2. Avatar
    added on 20 May, 2020

    Am so happy to get my love back with the help of Dr otuke with his powerful love spell

  3. Avatar
    added on 21 May, 2020


  4. Avatar
    added on 24 May, 2020

    I was on spotify and my ex changed my song to post malone over now. and listened to that song and then just changed it back to my song.

  5. Avatar
    added on 24 May, 2020

    My wife and I have been married for 12 years, we’ve been through a lot, including the loss of our daughter. For years I battled depression, and was basically in denial. It took it’s toll, and unfortunately I pushed my wife away. She became frustrated and resentful. This also led to her cheating on me. As far as I know, it was a one time thing. Before she told me what had happened, she had told me that, she was no longer in love with me. We’ve been separated for a little over a month. I don’t condone her behaviour, but I do understand my part in this. I am changing my life, for me. And I have become extremely focused. I have learned to love myself, and respect myself. It feels like a veil has been lifted from my eyes. I will be a better man for me. And in the process, will get her back.

  6. Avatar
    added on 26 May, 2020

    I’ve been on and off with my ex for 8 months he’s cheated on me,I forgave him and we would always argue,he said I was his first ever love and he wanted a real future with me,yesterday I called him up screaming because he was at the beach with other girls having fun I called him names and last night I called and apologies he said he loves me to bits but he dosnt care about what I do anymore and he dosnt want to speak to me ever again,what is the best way to make him miss me

  7. Avatar
    added on 27 May, 2020

    How if LDR then we have Pandemic?

  8. Avatar
    added on 3 Jun, 2020

    My ex moved on with a married woman let him continue sharing one woman with the owner of the woman

  9. Avatar
    added on 12 Jun, 2020

    Thank you June 12,2020

  10. Avatar
    added on 13 Jun, 2020

    This video is different from the others and seems to be encouraging talking, when the others insist on no contact.

  11. Avatar
    added on 16 Jun, 2020

    Hi Coach Alex, this is very uplifting. i unfriended her in facebook since the day she left me last May 23. I’m not quite sure if she is still checking on page.

  12. Avatar
    added on 22 Jun, 2020

    My ex when back to her ex and plays the victim card.. i didnt even defend myself..what should i do?? Helpp!

  13. Avatar
    added on 7 Jul, 2020

    I'm going to focus on working out at the gym, having fun by myself, stop drinking except on the weekends, and making more friends. That's the goal anyway.

  14. Avatar
    added on 7 Jul, 2020

    Its been over year and still think about her each day, the depression is unbearable! Whats the best way to control my emotions? I have melt downs every so often

  15. Avatar
    added on 8 Jul, 2020

    I got the man I call my life and husband back with help of a good spell caster

  16. Avatar
    added on 8 Jul, 2020

    After my partner we broke up my life is devastating, I’m so sad, depressed and pain, I love him so much but have no idea if he is coming back

  17. Avatar
    added on 13 Jul, 2020

    There are a few factors in making your ex want you back. One plan I found that successfully combines these is the Partner Reboot Recipe (google it if you're interested) definately the most incredible plan that I have ever seen. look at all the interesting information .

  18. Avatar
    added on 21 Jul, 2020

    Can I apply this in long distance relationship

  19. Avatar
    added on 12 Aug, 2020

    We ended the relationship in February. Went no contact a few weeks after. Finally had contact again on his birthday where I sent a birthday message and to my surprise, he answered. We've talked for a month via text. I said something of appreciation he did while together, and that left him feeling upset. But he also made a comment of how we were supposed to be together and moving in a house (he moved to a new place.) It allowed me to ask to call and he responded with when. We rescheduled, but I took charge and pushed the talk to the next week saying I wanted a good time we deserve and for us to be more relaxed from our busy work schedules. He still responded and I call tonight. I was super anxious about it, but I listened to the tips of being calm and if not ready with anxiety, then don't talk. I have consistently put focus more on myself and my happiness that now, if the phone conversation doesn't stay pleasant, or brings negative news, I am not anxious, and now feel more confident to talk without loss of emotions or not in control. Crossing fingers the first voice talk goes well, but I will do what I've learned with your videos of being in control and calm. More importantly, dont let the conversation run towards the negative and be the first to end it. I got this! crosses fingers

  20. Avatar
    added on 17 Aug, 2020

    How can you show all thos when she doesn’t respond?

  21. Avatar
    added on 3 Sep, 2020

    Itas hard to go through because I still love her so much. Im doing exeercise. She thought I was having an affair with my secretary but its not true and she dumped me

  22. Avatar
    added on 3 Sep, 2020

    Hi, I had a boyfriend and he cheated 2 times, but I still love him and still want him back… it’s my first love.. now I do the no contact thing but do you think he will come back? I’m so sad about it but help me please I still love him so deeply… but doesn’t want to go back… but he unfollowed mine Instagram en unfriend me at Facebook.. but he didn’t block me.. is there a chance that he will come back.. sorry… I’m still crying

  23. Avatar
    added on 8 Sep, 2020

    Thank you so much for the advice, I know what to do now

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