Psychology Webinar- Normalizing Losses in Trading

This was a webinar done on trading psychology for the Capital Hungry Private channel on September 10th, 2020

This webinar discusses the importance of focusing on risk management, normalizing losses, trading expectations and other realistic trading goals/ measures. At the end of the day trading is a game of numbers/ math related to probabilities and risk placed on those probabilities. Many times due to human nature, social impacts, external sources this simple concept can be forgotten as human emotions can intercept logic. With marketers selling “90% winrate signals”, everyone offering account management, some secret system course etc PLUS with humans already being creatures who are programmed to go after what is easy and comfortable it is very easy for the collective of traders to lose focus on what really bring success overall years and years of practice, study and execution.

Capital Hungry has access to 40+ educational webinars on fundamental, technical and psychology topics/ concepts plus weekly analysis webinars, trade ideas, weekly recap webinars, live trading sessions, real time news alerts, market sentiment reads, fundamental updates, key level price alerts and much more.

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This is NOT investment advice and all the information is based on my own experience trading/ back-testing/ studying Gold over the last couple of years and just my personal view

Please watch this along side the Gold webinar and Oil webinar for more info on commodities, US economy and more.

This is not financial advice or from a legal broker and is only a video of market analysis from MY personal experience trading the currency markets over 3+ years

Capital Hungry private has access to dozens of similar educational trading related webinars across fundamental and technical topics to increase knowledge, grow experience and also better adapt to ever changing markets to attain consistent profits over long term goals.

Trading is NOT easy, it is not a get rich quick scheme, signals DO NOT work, MLMs are bullshit. TRADING can be very lucrative with years of experience, technical charting hours and study, economic/ fundamental knowledge, trading/ risk plan and continuing to constantly stay mentally strong, disciplined and patient over a long period of time.

Trading demands the most out of your time, emotions and life as you can make TONS of money very fast and also be at risk to losing.. a simple explanation is that the DOLLAR runs our world.. its why we go to school, go to work etc etc give a man or woman $1000 or take it away from them and see how their mood changes… I truly believe any emotional weaknesses or strengths get amplified x100 in trading.

Check out podcasts for more on the psychology side

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    added on 21 Sep, 2020

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    added on 21 Sep, 2020

    GBPJPY has shown a sell-off of more than 70 pips during the Asian session on strong yen

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    added on 21 Sep, 2020

    The gold is trading in a narrow range between $1973 and $1932 for the past one week

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