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Have your ever thought of being heartful???

I hope everyone of us, would have encountered the below situations…….

  • When there’s a difficult decision your friend is trying to make, you say: “follow your heart” or “what does your heart tell you?”
  • When something is really meaningful and important, you say “I have my heart set on it.”
  • When you’re feeling compassion for someone, you say “my heart goes out to you.”
  • When someone has made a mistake but their actions were well-intended, you say “your heart was in the right place.”
  • When someone has acted in an exemplary, virtuous way you say: they have “a heart of gold.”

When we used the word “heart” we tend to be referring to something that is meaningful, virtuous, and positive. We are serious and intentional. This is typically action-oriented. We define heartfulness as taking meaningful action using your character strengths and virtues for the common good.

Seeing and listening to others we believe in our oneness and connectedness with each other and with nature. Taking the responsibility for our own life, we seek to understand and realize our purpose in serving humanity.

The Heartfulness Path is a way of Being and Living in the world.  Our true essential nature, our Essence Self, is the consciousness of Pure Awareness, Love, and Unity.  We came into the world innocent with an open heart radiating love and a desire to share this love with others.  The light that shines inside of us is eternally luminous and bright.  Layers of protection from the harsh reality of living often cover up our brilliance.

These qualities are compassion, sincerity, contentment, truthfulness and forgiveness; attitudes such as generosity and acceptance; and the heart’s fundamental nature, which is love.

“Choosing to actively cultivate the inner inspiration of the heart is heartfulness. To lead a life simply going through the motions, reacting to whatever life brings, is one thing. An altogether different experience is to lead it with responsive heartfulness – with the heart’s most loving and magisterial guidance.”

Heartfulness offers a space of renewal and empowerment into our individual and collective light of loving consciousness.  This is an invitation to bring enlightened wisdom, discovery, curiosity, innovation, wonder, and creativity from all realms of human endeavour together to expand our awareness of consciousness.  By honouring love, truth, beauty, trust, harmony and peace in holistic sustainable expressions, we draw upon life-enhancing art, psychology, science, spirituality, creativity, healing modalities, therapies, sound, inspirational poetry and prose to develop, enlighten and support health and wholeness.

The Heartfulness Path is the Epic Adventure of listening to the voice of your inner guidance while falling in love with your true essence, remembering your inherent worth, and knowing You Are Love.

Mindfulness is simply being present in that moment and using your five senses to be. Heartfulness is a continuation of this being. It is a way of going deeper into it. Heartfulness is going beyond the body, mind, and feelings and looking at your heart. No, not your physical heart, but that heart where you have stillness and silence, an inner peace within.

Just as with mindfulness, this look at inner peace can be rejuvenating. Heartfulness is a secular practice of heart-centered self-development that helps tune the heart-mind field. It offers a simple set of breathing, relaxation, heartful-silence, and rejuvenation techniques — dynamic and effective tools for personal growth and mind management. It is through heartfulness that you can learn to push aside thoughts and enjoy a state of consciousness and stillness that is refreshing for the mind, body, and spirit.

When your mind is relaxed and clear, you are able to be more effective in your actions with happiness and a sense of fulfillment. Heartfulness allows you to be a scientific project all on your own – the scientist, the object being experimented on, and, of course, the end result of the experiment. It incorporates your personal experience and observations to help you find these answers. So often, intellect is not as controlling in our personal interactions and decision-making. We ‘refer to the heart’ when deciding matters of a more personal nature – including matters that are moral or spiritual – rather than the mind. Appreciate and cherish this presence within. The Master is within, and the disciple is within. Whenever the heart guides us and inspires us from inside, it becomes the Master for that moment. It is the same heart that also follows and becomes a disciple in that moment.“Perhaps it is the ultimate heartfulness of God that created this universe.” Heartfulness is all about simplicity and purity.

It is only our desires, our ego and our greed that misguides us away from this purity. “Our heart is misguided by our multiple desires.” We have too many desires, we want many things at the same time and we fail to pay attention to the Goal. Our prayer clearly mentions this. Desires when unchecked multiply and translate into greed when they are satisfied. We are always comparing ourselves with others and not grateful for what we have. The root of the problem is that we don’t listen to the heart, and we say that the heart is not giving us clear signals. The heart will give us signals when something is wrong. We need to practice Heartfulness in our lives with respect towards others. We are unforgiving of others while always ignoring our own mistakes. Everyone should listen to the heart, have absolute clarity within, and muster the courage to follow the heart even in the face of adversities.

It is all about feelings. Our entire life is led by feelings and inspirations, and that is the role of the heart. When we listen to those feelings and capture the inspiration that comes from within, we can master our life by listening to the heart. This exercise of fine-tuning the heart with the mind is done through meditation on the heart. That is why we call this process Heartfulness Meditation.

Finding your Heartfulness

Finding heartfulness takes practice. Purposefully having kind thoughts or wishing happiness for yourself or others can contribute to it. In some sense, exercising heartfulness makes us into happiness generators. experience of happiness and kindness Whether we are wishing happiness for ourselves or for a stranger, it is our own internal that ripples out to effect those around us.

Let’s give heartfulness a try:

Bring someone to mind whom you see every day and whom you like, care about or really love. It may be someone you live with, or someone at work, or a family member, or maybe even a pet.

See if you can imagine or feel the person or animal doing the things that make them smile. Simply take the first image that comes to your mind. We’re not going for perfection. Maybe it’s petting your neighbor’s dog on your walk this morning or waving across the lawn at a neighbor. It’s fine!

Now pay attention to what you are feeling in your heart. Sometimes this can be challenging, and if it is, the first suggestion is to relax. 

We are going to send kind wishes to the person you selected. You can do this using a really calm internal or external voice

Say the wishes slowly and think of your person in relation to the wish prior to moving to the next wish.

Let your eyes close between each wish if that’s comfortable.

Let’s begin with the wishes:

Imagine the person can feel your wishes.

You can also imagine your wishes are like texts able to reach your person instantly. They begin to get happier and happier.

Also, notice your own heart and what you are feeling.

Gently let the image of the person drop away. Finish this practice by taking a deep breath in and a deep breath out bringing your attention to only your breath. This is basic heartfulness.

As a result of noticing your emotions through all of this, you can build your strengths in Reactions and Responses and it can also help you to build Awareness and Intelligence with Emotions.

If you wish to share this heartfulness activity with someone else, feel free to share.

Getting Practical

When facing a challenge, conflict, hot emotion, or problem, tap into mindfulness followed by heartfulness:

  • Step 1: Pause. Reconnect with your breath and your whole present moment – both your inner landscape and the exterior world.
  • Step 2: Ask yourself: What matters most in this situation? How might I contribute to the common good right now?
  • Step 3: Unleash your character strengths. Take action!

Final Thoughts

Modern life, with its problems of stress, anger, loneliness, and so on, demands us to be happy and contented. Yet, we remain unaware of a practical way to do these things. Heartfulness is a way to practically dive deep into the wisdom of our hearts and find meaning, purpose, and clarity in our lives. By taking this journey within, we find ourselves becoming compassionate, loving, generous, and forgiving. The heart truly knows no barriers.

Wishing all my readers an epic journey of heartfulness in your everyday life.


Priya Magesh.

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