School Psychologist, School Counselor, and School Social Worker | What's the difference?

Hello everyone! In this video, I discuss the differences and similarities between school psychologists, school counselors, and school social workers. There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the different mental health roles in the school setting- probably because the roles really DEPEND on where you work. I tried my best to simplify the roles and descriptions, although in reality, it’s more complex. Special thanks to my professors and supervisors for amazing input! Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to my channel for more content 😀


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I’m a school psychology student at George Mason University interning in Northern Virginia. Don’t forget to like and subscribe, and feel free to leave a comment below! Thanks for watching 🙂

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    added on 22 May, 2020

    Hey everyone! Sorry it's taken me SO long to bring you this video! Here are some timestamps, although I highly recommend watching the entire video so you don't miss any caveats and exceptions! Let me know if you agree or disagree with my video in the comments 🙂
    01:32 School Psychologist
    04:35 School Counselor
    06:48 School Social Worker
    08:56 Final Thoughts

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    added on 23 May, 2020

    Thank you for your videos! They are very helpful and it helps me look forward to starting my program in the Fall! Wish you the best of luck in your internship. 😊

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    added on 25 May, 2020

    I have literally been considering all these 3 careers as I’m getting ready to apply this fall for next school year. Thank you for this!

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    added on 25 May, 2020

    I hear school psych is stressful and that most school psychs don't like their job

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    added on 28 May, 2020

    Thank you! I’m so glad I asked this question❤️

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    added on 28 May, 2020

    This video is so important!!! I love it!

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    added on 28 May, 2020

    I've been trying to decide between a School Counseling Masters and a MSW- unfortunately I already have one masters of Public Administration- which was a useless degree! but anywho, it seems the trend anymore is hiring social workers and outsourcing counseling duties to local agencies- It seems more wise to do an MSW because of broader job prospects- very little to no jobs for school counselors it seems, but the apparent downside is, will a school prefer someone specializing in school counseling to fill their role over an MSW? probably depends…

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    added on 6 Jun, 2020

    Hi love! im a student studying psychology and public health. i want to be a school psychologist. should i change my minor from public health to education?

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    added on 16 Jun, 2020

    Thank you for this video and explaining more about what each concentration is about. I recently just graduated with my BS in Psychology and currently on the hunt in deciding between School Counseling and School Psychologists. What advice/tips would you recommend while going through the application process.

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    added on 19 Jun, 2020

    Hi! So I'm looking into a couple of programs in my state and have a zoom meeting with one next week. I'm sure you've covered this in the past by can't seem to find it…..what are some good questions to ask when considering a program at a particular school? Thanks in advance! 😁

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    added on 21 Jun, 2020

    I am so happy I found your channel!!! I live in the same area so it’s so good I have videos to reference when I have questions about career choices and school!! Thank you so much!!!

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    added on 22 Jun, 2020

    I just found your channel and I’m loving it! I graduated with my master’s in school counseling last fall, but there are so few jobs right now in the field. For every one school counselor job I find, it seems like there are twenty for school psych. I’m looking into getting an Ed.S so I can still support students’ academic and social/emotional health, because right now it doesn’t seem like my counseling degree is super useful… But from what I’ve learned about school psychology, I feel like it should have been the degree I pursued in the first place!

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    added on 25 Jun, 2020

    This helps so much to narrow down what kind of job I want. I didn’t realize they were three different careers!!

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    added on 4 Jul, 2020

    I have a BA in Psych, and as a career I would really like to continue my studies in counseling or clinical psychology (emphasis of child and adolescent development). I can see myself working directly in the schools but I want to be more on the side of delivering counseling services to students. I have seen job postings for 'School Based Mental Health Therapists', but not many. Programs I have considered would prepare me for LPC or LPCC. I would really appreciate any feedback or guidance from people in this community on what direction I may want to consider, or any insight that you guys may have to offer 🙂

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    added on 7 Jul, 2020

    I’m undergrad. I got my associates in education but switched to social work second semester of junior year. I’m getting my bachelors in social work. I want to be a school counselor but also want to have a broader list of jobs I can do so I am hoping I can become a LCSW and also dual major in school counseling but I don’t want to have to go a whole other two years (money wise). Do you know if there’s a short cut to do both?

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    added on 8 Jul, 2020

    It isn't rare to see a school counselor shared amongst several elem. schools. In NY they are shared in elem. between 2-6 schools. I am in 3. If you are in one you are lucky and rare. Great video!

    I think it is also important to think about the other opportunities that your degree can provide outside of a school.

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    added on 11 Jul, 2020

    Awesome job Tiffany! Love the channel 🙂

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    added on 12 Jul, 2020

    I’m undecided from school counselor and school psychologist

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    added on 13 Jul, 2020

    new subbie! Thanks for highlighting these differences and similarities!! Good luck to you on your journey as a School Psychologist this year 🙂

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    added on 13 Jul, 2020

    Congratulations on your journey!! I’m sure you’ll rock it!

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    added on 13 Jul, 2020

    The differences can be so nuanced….thanks for sharing!! Such important roles in a school!

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    added on 13 Jul, 2020

    Tiffany I am currently a teacher but I’ve been thinking about going into counseling this was really helpful 💕💕💕 Question, in my state Educational Diagnosticians can also test kids SEL and Cognitive function. Great content!

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    added on 16 Jul, 2020

    Damn u fine

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    added on 18 Jul, 2020

    Thanks for this! I have always wondered.

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    added on 19 Jul, 2020

    Hi Tiffany! I’m a second year school counseling grad student and think it’s so awesome you are breaking down the differences between the three because so many people don’t understand!

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    added on 24 Jul, 2020

    Hi! First off I just want to say I love all of your videos and they’re super insightful. I have a bit of a weird question. Is there a possibility of tension between school psychs and school counselors? Do school psychs have any authority? I ask this because I’ve heard that counselors know psychs aren’t as involved as they are in student life. I’m not an authoritative person and might be uncomfortable giving instruction or tasks to counselors who have been in the field longer than I have and don’t want to step on toes. I know it’s collaborative but to what extent? Sorry for the long message I have so many question!:)

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    added on 27 Jul, 2020

    4:35 School counseling

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    added on 3 Aug, 2020

    Hello, just want to say THANK YOU sooo much for the great video. I love how you just go straight to the points and explain each one differently. I'm currently about to become a college freshman (BW) and I'm going undecided to explore different careers and pathways, but I'm positive I will be majoring in Psy next year. As of now I want to become a school counselor (middle school/high school). I just love talking to people, helping people, giving and receiving advice, and want to make a difference in people's lives. I want to help people become a better version of themselves😃

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    added on 7 Aug, 2020

    It’s interesting that you mentioned social workers, school psychologists, etc typically get hired by the county whereas counselors by principle/district.. does that change the way they are hired? Do school psychologists get hired on by a contract or is it just year to year? I’m really interested on this. Thank you in advance. 😊

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    added on 7 Aug, 2020

    I would also like to know what the difference is between an Ed.S and a Masters of Arts in school counseling. I want to get into the program at my CSU but they have many requirements such as taking the GRE and taking certain classes which I would need another semester to complete. I’m looking into another school in my area that offers a Masters of Arts in school psychology (nasp approved) but I am unsure of the difference. Thank you.

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    added on 9 Aug, 2020

    What’s the difference between a school psychologist and an educational psychologist?

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    added on 11 Aug, 2020

    Just subscribed to you! This was really helpful since I’m just starting my social work degree journey. I’m going to be a freshman and I’m so nervous but what I do know is that I love working with kids and love helping people, so thank you for this video. 💕

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    added on 31 Aug, 2020

    Would you recommend psychology major for a school counselor is sociology a option as well?

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    added on 7 Sep, 2020

    Thank you!! This video was really helpful! I'm in a social work program right now but really considering switching to school counseling because I think I like the aspect of scheduling/career advice/etc. But I also don't want to waste tuition money since I'm already in the social work program so I'm currently thinking about finishing up the MSW program, getting some experience and going back for a school counseling degree.

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    added on 21 Sep, 2020

    Hi Tiffany,
    Thanks for such a good informative video. I’m currently thinking of getting into a masters program. But I’m confused whether to do msw or school counseling? I have been working as an classroom aide for sped for few years now. So, I definitely won’t be doing school psychology😂 But, I love working with kids. In your opinion, which degree has more chances of being hired? Which entails taking work home or working after hours?

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    added on 27 Sep, 2020

    so helpful!! thank you ❤️

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